QAnon Exposes Dem Conspiracy to Frame Trump, Claims Google’s Schmidt Played Pivotal Role

On Friday, Dec. 22, QAnon posted a cryptic narrative that the Democrats, including President Barack Obama, conspired with the FBI, the DOJ, and various U.S. intelligence agencies, including the Director of National Intelligence and the CIA, to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president, or to remove him from office should he be elected president. [...]

Donald Trump Gives Inaugural Speech and Sworn in as the 45th President of the United States

Although President Trump planned to write his own speech, it turns out that it was at least written in part by two of the president’s closest aides, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. A White House official told the Journal that Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior advisor Stephen Miller penned the address for the 45th President [...]

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Fidel Castro, the CIA Installed Communist Cuban Puppet Dictator & Drug Smuggler, Dies at age 90

Perhaps the most appropriate obituary for Fidel was written by Carlos Eire, professor of history at Yale. One of the most brutal dictators in modern history has just died. Oddly enough, some will mourn his passing, and many an obituary will praise him. Millions of Cubans who have been waiting impatiently for this moment for [...]

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Turkish Military Coup: Coup, False Flag, or Psyop Dry-Run?

As Sibel Edmonds predicted nearly a year prior, the deep state coup against Erdogan finally materialized on July 15th, 2016…but it fizzled out almost as quickly as it arrived. So what are we to make of this would-be putsch? Did Erdogan allow it to happen in order to further cement his control on the rebound? Or [...]

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House Republicans Request Investigation on the Clinton Foundation

A request to investigate the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on charges of “public corruption” was made in a letter by 64 House Republicans to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charging the foundation is “lawless.” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen referred congressional charges of corrupt Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” activities to his tax [...]

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Seth Rich, DNC Voter Data Director set to Expose Clinton Voter Fraud, Found Killed

Seth Rich, a 27 year old Voter Expansion Data Director at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and had been working on exposing the recent cases of election fraud and voter suppression during the recent primaries around the country - and may have known too much, was found murdered with bruises on his face, hands and knees, and [...]

President Putin Signs the Draconian “Yarovaya Law”

President Putin signed the draconian "Yarovaya Law," named after United Russia lawmaker Irina Yarovaya who drafted the Orwellian bill in the name of anti-terrorism, into law. On June 24, its very last day in session before the summer break and the September parliamentary election, the Russian Parliament rammed through a bill – without any meaningful [...]

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Hillary Clinton Not Indicted For Illegal Email Usage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCfFv9-kipc   Hillary Clinton was NOT indicted over lying about, deleting, and using private emails for classified information which resulted in the obstruction of public records and breaching security. As reported by Politico, “Hillary Clinton wiped “clean” the private server housing emails from her tenure as secretary of state, the chairman of the House committee investigating [...]

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BREXIT. Britain votes to leave the EU

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XKJ2mcdVmQ   After more than four decades of being shackled to the European Union (previously the European Economic Community), Great Britain declared its independence. The vote for Brexit (52 percent of Britons cast ballots to leave the EU) is a vote for sovereignty and self-determination. Britain will no longer be subject to European legislation, with [...]

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California Voter Fraud: Hillary Steals CA, Bernie Should Have Won Big

The Justice Gazette reporters and others are conducting an investigation into voting irregularities and the theft of Bernie Sanders's apparent California landslide victory by those supporting Hillary Clinton.  According to popular actress Frances Fisher, a lawsuit is being prepared to require the counting of all the provisional ballots.  If the lawsuit had been successful, the actual vote [...]

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Rancher Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

The incident began when the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon were seized and occupied by an armed group affiliated with a sovereign citizen movement to defend against big government bullying and injustice. The seizure occurred immediately after an earlier peaceful march in protest of the prison sentences for ranchers Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven Hammond. The Hammond's were [...]

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U.S. Political Pedophile Ring Leader, Jeffrey Epstein, Sued by Sex Slaves but Gets Off Easy

A federal civil suit was filed in Florida against the United States for violations of the Crime Victims' Rights Act in agreeing to the 2008 plea where the United States had entered into a secret non-prosecution agreement (NPA) regarding those crimes in violation of their rights (other victims have also joined the suit); it accuses Jewish Illuminati [...]

Princeton, NU Study Concludes U.S. Policymaking for Elite & Corporations, Not the People

A study of 1,779 policy issues from 1981 to 2002 concluded that policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans and largely favor the wealthy and powerful interest groups. U.S. government policies reflect the desires of the wealthy and interest groups more than the average citizen, according to researchers at Princeton [...]

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Obama Proposes FOIA Changes Allowing Even Less Transparency

The Obama administration, after promising to be especially transparent, was proposing changes to the Freedom of Information Act that would allow it to go beyond declaring some documents secret and to actually allow government agencies (such as the CDC, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.) to declare some document “non-existent.” The Denver Post reports, The federal Freedom of [...]

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Big Clinton Bundler selected to International Security Advisory Board with Zero Experience

A meeting of the International Security Advisory Board marked the first gathering of ISAB members appointed by Secretary Clinton. Pursuant to statute, ISAB was established to advise and make recommendations to the Secretary of State “on United States arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament policy and activities,”  with required participation by “individuals who have a demonstrated [...]

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US Senator Larry Craig was Arrested for Lewd Conduct in a Men’s Restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Was He the Victim of a Smear Campaign?

US Senator Larry Craig was arrested for lewd conduct in a men’s restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Apparently there had been complaints of sexual activity in the restroom so a police officer was stationed in the one of the stalls undercover. Eventually Craig allegedly entered the stall next to him and began reaching [...]

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Vice President Al Gore told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

Vice President Al Gore told CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "I took the initiative in creating the Internet." Hindsight shows that this may have been a Freudian slip since Gore was in on the planning of the Deep State shadow government's plan for a rogue element within the C.I.A. to take over the Internet. Since Clinton came [...]

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Congress passed Two Seminal Laws, the Economic Espionage Act and the False Statements Accountability Act.

On Oct. 11, 1996, Congress made it legal to lie to Congress and the courts without criminal liability. (Believe it. It is true.) The Economic Espionage Act ("EEA") was drafted by James P. Chandler. EEA was heavily promoted by Clinton's C.I.A. Director John M. Deutch. William ("Bill") A. Fenwick of Fenwick & West [...]

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Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture and future President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Gives a Speech on the Proper Role of Government

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyDrC5q6S9o   Men in the public spotlight constantly are asked to express an opinion on a myriad of government proposals and projects. “What do you think of TVA?” “What is your opinion of Medicare?” How do you feel about Urban Renewal?” The list is endless. All too often, answers to these questions seem to be [...]

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Eisenhower “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.”

Eisenhower's farewell address (sometimes referred to as "Eisenhower's farewell address to the nation") was the final public speech of Dwight D. Eisenhower as the 34th President of the United States, delivered in a television broadcast on January 17, 1961. Perhaps best known for advocating that the nation guard against the potential influence of the military–industrial [...]

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Rosa Louise Parks, a Resident of Montgomery, AL Refused to Obey Bus Driver James Blake’s Demand that she Relinquish Her Seat to a White Man.

She was arrested, fingerprinted, and incarcerated. When Parks agreed to have her case contested, it became a cause célèbre in the fight against Jim Crow laws. Her trial for this act of civil disobedience triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott, one of the largest and most successful mass movements against racial segregation in history, and launched Martin Luther King, [...]

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The Words ‘Under God’ Are Added to the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America

Louis Albert Bowman, an attorney from Illinois, was the first to initiate the addition of "under God" to the pledge. The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution gave him an Award of Merit as the originator of this idea. He spent his adult life in the Chicago area and was chaplain of [...]

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King Charles Delivers the ‘Answer to the Nineteen Propositions’ to Parliament

Title page of book containing the Nineteen Propositions and the response of King Charles to the Nineteen Propositions. Two of Charles I advisers drafted and persuaded the king to issue a document, His Majesty’s Answer to the Nineteen Propositions of Both Houses of Parliament, in which the king, eager to dismiss his image [...]

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