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TruthMegasite.com  provides a chronological history of events that most likely did not happen as we have been taught in our history books. The word ‘history’ comes from the Greek word historia meaning “knowledge acquired by inquiry or investigation,” so this site provides an alternative history where investigations into the official account tell a  different story.

The official narratives are often meant to divert the public from the truth and alternative media has been under attack by the deep state controlled media deeming anything that contradicts the official narrative as fake news. The deep state has leveraged themselves as the senior editors of Wikipedia, while CIA funded and controlled Google has admittedly modified their algorithms to eliminate alternative media and history from the first several pages of searches on Google. Youtube (Google owned) has attempted to demonetize alternative and conservative videos from media ad revenue for numerous accounts that have not violated any terms of use. Censorship has been occurring in the media for many years and the establishment has been able to maintain the illusion of a free press in spite of whistleblowers who cannot get their stories out except via alternative media or books they must often self-publish.