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Science & Science Fraud


science [ˈsī-ən(t)s] – knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method.

Many Christians today hold science in awe. Many seem to have more respect for what scientists tell us than what God tells us in the Bible. How did this situation arise and how justifiable is such an attitude? In order to answer these questions we need to look at the nature and history of science and at the trustworthiness of scientists and reporters of science. Firstly it is worth noting Douglas Jones’ comment:

“Nothing can take the puff out of the scientific chest more than a study of its history. Perhaps that’s why it’s so rare to find science departments requiring courses in the history of science. The history of science provides great strength to the inductive inference that, at any point in its history, that day’s science will almost certainly be deemed false, if not laughable, within a century (often in much less time).” [ Jones Douglas. A Rating System for Science, Credenda Agenda Vol 9 no 1. ]



For many centuries science was a mixture of philosophy, mathematics and observation largely practiced for interest and enjoyment. Where hypotheses were put forward to explain observations they were accepted largely on their appeal to reason and aesthetics, rather than on their ability to stand experimental testing. Aristotle’s physics was thus able to reign supreme for close to two thousand years. When Roger Bacon, who is widely regarded as the “Father of Modern Science” proposed the “scientific method” he faced opposition and even imprisonment from the established Catholic Church, which accepted philosophy as the way to truth. But Bacon pointed out that nature carries “the stamp of the Creator Himself”, whereas our reason carries “the stamp of our own image”, and that “we will have it that all things are as we in our folly think they should be”. He therefore stressed the importance of experiment, observation and exact measurement. (source)

Francis Bacon received his education at Trinity College, Cambridge, and went on to practice law. During his lifetime, Bacon achieved high-ranking political positions. He became Solicitor-General in 1607, Attorney-General in 1613, Lord Keeper of the Seal in 1617 and, finally Lord Chancellor in 1618, after which he fell victim to the charges of corruption. Francis Bacon was, in a sense, a breath of fresh air for philosophy and a pioneer for a new system which discarded two major schools of thought at that time.

  1. Firstly, he regarded the rationalists as flawed because they believed that language, the meaning and content of words, were the path to knowledge. In “Sir Francis Bacon,” Jeremy Harwood quotes Bacon’s description of the rationalist who were, he claimed: “spiders which make cobwebs out of their own substance.”
  2. Secondly, he had no approving words for Aristotelians, who, he believed, “ran around like ants to amass raw data.” The trouble was, they had no meaningful way of interpreting that information.

He encouraged proving a hypothesis through the means of experiment, but he also advocated not being afraid to disprove such a hypothesis. A negative result could be as useful as a positive one. Jeremy Harwood in “Sir Francis Bacon” explains: “If a definition is correct, it cannot contain any negative instances. Therefore, a negative result is the only way of knowing for certain that an assumption is false.” “He believed that science,” says Harwood, “if properly understood, offered humanity its best possibility of understanding the natural world and, by so doing, becoming master of it.”

Bacon was the ultimate Philosopher of Science, always maintaining that truth could not be reached through mere argument, and that only his new, revolutionary scientific method could advance scientific knowledge and truth. (Source)

In the video above, Dr. Phillip Stott breaks down Bacon’s scientific method as:

As Albert Einstein said: “What can be measured is science, everything else is speculation.” Dr. Stott also points out how the Greek philosophers who studied science and astronomy and many other things took measurements, but did not experiment and test their conclusions. Once Bacon’s scientific method was introduced during the Renaissance period, many philosophies that were previous believed had to be abandoned because they could be tested and proven right or wrong.

Tyco Brahe had spent most of his life building mechanisms to measure the movement of the sun, moon, and stars and recorded the most precise measurements of anyone up to well beyond his own years. Johannes Kepler, his assistant, dedicated his life to studying these measurements and looking for patterns in those observations and measurements. Eventually he found the pattern in those measurements and deduced that the planets orbit the sun with an elliptical orbit. When he discovered it, he rejoiced, “Isn’t it wonderful that God made such a wonderful planet!” Kepler is famous for his statement, “The privilege of a scientist is to think God’s thoughts.”

Dr. Stott explains how science was only possible in the beginning in the Judaeo-Christian societies that believed in an orderly, single Creator of all things. Those societies that believed in multiple gods, or no God, did not accept science until it was shown to work and advance understanding, technologies, etc. based on the scientific work of Christian scientists such as Euler, Maxwell, and Newton, and others. He explains:

Science and Christianity have an intertwined history. Even atheist historians of science find themselves having to admit that it was only under the Christian worldview that one could expect nature to behave in a way that would make science a reasonable pursuit. In spite of the fact that some steps towards a beginning in science had been taken by other cultures, it was only in the Christian culture of Europe, and in particular that of Reformation Europe, that science came to fruition.

The great pioneers of science, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Euler, Maxwell, Faraday, Kelvin and many others professed Christianity and accepted the Bible as God’s revelation to mankind. Many spent much time studying the Scriptures. Newton claimed the most important aspect of his work was in showing the greatness of God. Maxwell noted that his great pioneering work in field theory was inspired by the Scriptural revelation of the way God himself is and works.

But during the twentieth century science was taken over to a very large extent by secular humanists. Such a world-view actually has no rational basis for expecting science to succeed. Yet secular humanists have cultivated the idea that science is essentially an atheistic domain which is at loggerheads with Christianity.

The scientific establishment

Own and control the scientific journals which forbid the publication of any scientific law that contradicts their theoretical beliefs. Sacrosanct to the scientific establishment are such false theories as evolution, an earth that is billions of years old, naturalistic cosmology (big bang, etc.), the Copernican principle, and Einstein’s theory of relativity, gravity, etc. – none of which have been proven with scientific method. Banned from publication in the establishment scientific journals are science in favor of creationism, young earth, alternatives to naturalistic cosmology, geocentricism, etc. Ironically, all of the scientific methods to prove the sacrosanct theories have actually proven otherwise – especially that of geocentricism which only rests on the theory of relativity, a theory that cannot be measured and scientifically proven true or false, but gave the dying Copernican principle a crutch.

Sanctions against scientists who challenge those sacrosanct principles or attempt in the slightest way to prove a banned principle may be fired from their job or demoted, have their qualifications annulled, certainly denied publication in the approved scientific journals, denied research grants, and are no candidate for Nobel prizes – that’s for sure. If the find publication in non-establishment journals, then they are typically demonized and discredited by the establishment.

In addition our schoolbooks never admit doubt. You never read in our textbooks such phrases as; “it is the theory of.” Or “the speculation is,” etc. No, everything in the establishment printed “science” books is presented as known facts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ben Stein’s “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is a movie about the freedom of speech suppression to which Intelligent Design proponents are being subjected to by the atheistic American academic dictatorship.


Examples include Professor Herbert Dingle who found conclusive evidence that Einstein’s formula of relativity is incorrect. When he tried to get oany of the establishment journals to print his evidence, he was shocked to discover that none of them would. His attempts were blocked at every turn and he became upset at the deliberate efforts to suppress his important information. He eventually wrote a book on the proof, but few have heard of it, titled ‘Science at the Crossroads’. 

The same thing happened to Robert Gentry. He is the world’s foremost expert on halo formations found inside of rocks and his study of polonium halos (that have a known radiation emission rate) prove the earth is not millions of years old, but only thousands, 6-10 thousand years old just as the Bible says. This discovery cost him his job. The following simple analogy will show how these polonium microspheres — or halos — contradict the evolutionary belief that granites formed as hot magma slowly cooled over millions of years. To the contrary, this analogy demonstrates how these halos provide unambiguous evidence of both an almost instantaneous creation of granites and the young age of the earth.

A speck of polonium in molten rock can be compared to an Alka-Seltzer dropped into a glass of water. The beginning of effervescence is equated to the moment that polonium atoms began to emit radiactive particles. In molten rock the traces of those radioactive particles would disappear as quickly as the Alka-Seltzer bubbles in water. But if the water were instantly frozen, the bubbles would be preserved. Likewise, polonium halos could have formed only if the rapidly “effervescing” specks of polonium had been instantly encased in solid rock.

An exceedingly large number of polonium halos are embedded in granites around the world. Just as frozen Alka-Seltzer bubbles would be clear evidence of the quick-freezing of the water, so are these many polonium halos undeniable evidence that a sea of primordial matter quickly “froze” into solid granite. The occurrence of these polonium halos, then, distinctly implies that our earth was formed in a very short time, in complete harmony with the biblical record of creation.

The Academy (or establishment) has vehemently opposed Gentry’s radiohalo evidence as with all creation science, even claiming that the evidence for creation has been scientifically invalidated. We have repeatedly challenged the Academy to publicly explain where the polonium-halo evidence for creation has ever been scientifically invalidated. For over 15 years, they have refused to even try, for they know that their statement is insupportable when it comes to the polonium-halo evidence.

Fred Hoyle, considered one of the top 20 astronomers, and although an atheist, still recognized the absurdity of what he coined ‘the Big Bang’ theory and the clear signs of intelligent design in the universe. Hoyle wrote,

“Some super-calculating intellect must have designed the properties of the carbon atom, otherwise the chance of my finding such an atom through the blind forces of nature would be utterly minuscule. A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintellect has monkeyed with the physics, as well as with chemistry and biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature. The numbers one calculates from the facts seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion almost beyond question.”
(Fred Hoyle, The Universe: Past and Present Reflections, Engineering & Science, Nov 1981, pp 8-12.)

“If one proceeds directly and straightforwardly in this matter [Earth-based abiogenesis], without being deflected by a fear of incurring the wrath of scientific opinion, one arrives at the conclusion that biomaterials with their amazing measure or order must be the outcome of intelligent design. No other possibility I have been able to think of in pondering this issue over quite a long time seems to me to have anything like as high a possibility of being true.”
(Fred Hoyle, Evolution from Space, Omni Lecture at the Royal Institution, London, 1/12/1982.)

“Imagine 1050 blind persons each with a scrambled Rubik’s cube, and try to conceive of the chance of them all simultaneously arriving at the solved form. You then have a chance of arriving by random shuffling, of just one of the many biopolymers on which life depends. The notion that not only the biopolymers but the operating program of a living cell could be arrived at by chance in a primordial organic soup here on the Earth is evidently nonsense of a high order.”
(Fred Hoyle, New Scientist, November 1981.)

Hoyle also derided the fundamentals of evolutionism as a completely inadequate explanation for life:

“The trouble was that in reading widely during my early teens I ran into the Darwinian theory, for a little while with illusions and then with less respect than adults with bated breath were wont to show. The theory seemed to me to run like this: ‘If among the varieties of a species there is one that survives better in the environment than the others, then the variety that survives best is the one that best survives.’ If I had known the word tautology I would have called this a tautology. People with still more bated breath, called it natural selection. I made them angry, just as I do today, by saying that it did nothing at all. You could select potatoes as much as you pleased but you would never make them into a rabbit. Nor by selecting oak trees could you make them into colonies of bats, and those who thought they could in my opinion were bats in the belfry.”
(Fred Hoyle, Mathematics of Evolution , 1999, p. 2.)

One of Hoyle’s most famous metaphors about the origin of life communicates the magnitude of the problem for evolutionists:

“That a living organism emerged by chance from a prebiotic soup is about as likely as that a tornado sweeping through a junkyard might assemble a 747.”
(Marvin Olasky, Monkey Business: The True Story of the Scopes Trial, p 192.)

Though Hoyle was not a Biblical creationist or even a Christian, he eventually recognized the impossibility of Darwinian evolution. Hoyle regularly took to task the Darwinian establishment for ignoring the complex sources of information and information processing programs (like DNA) needed for the creation and continuation of life. He realised that life couldn’t have arisen by chance in a primordial soup on Earth. First, he tried to solve the problem by saying that if we had the whole universe to work with instead of Earth, then this might overcome the problem. Hoyle favored and popularized a view called panspermia, the notion that life originated somewhere else in the universe and was driven to earth by electromagnetic radiation pressure.

But eventually he realized that even this would be woefully inadequate as a materialistic explanation of life’s origin. In his 1981 book Evolution from Space (co-authored with Chandra Wickramasinghe), he calculated that the chance of obtaining the required set of enzymes for even the simplest living cell was one in 1040,000 (one followed by 40,000 zeroes). Since the number of atoms in the known universe is infinitesimally tiny by comparison (1080), even a whole universe full of primordial soup wouldn’t have a chance.

Alas, Hoyle paid for his outright questioning of the materialist paradigm. In the 1950s, Hoyle had some ingenious ideas about stellar fusion, and predicted that the Carbon-12 nucleus would have a certain energy level (called a resonance) to enable helium to undergo fusion.8 His co-worker William Fowler eventually won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1983 (with Subramanyan Chandrasekhar), but for some reason Hoyle’s original contribution was overlooked, and many were surprised that such a notable astronomer missed out. Fowler himself in an autobiographical sketch affirmed Hoyle’s immense contribution:

‘Fred Hoyle was the second great influence in my life. The grand concept of nucleosynthesis in stars was first definitely established by Hoyle in 1946.’

Dr. Stott gives these and several more examples in the first video above. You can continue the video after Hoyle by clicking HERE

History of the Destruction of Science

Deism had become popular in the 18th century which taught that God had set  up a simple universe that worked like a clock works, dependent upon the laws of nature, and thus thereafter it did exactly as he had designed it to do. Deists didn’t believe in miracles, answers to prayers, prophecy, incarnation or resurrection of Christ because they didn’t believe God could or would interrupt the laws of nature. It is a view that puts God very distant in the past. With the false science theories being propagandized as fact during the time, many Christians, theologians, and apologists adopted the deist philosophy over time. Historians discovered that most theologians throughout Europe had the English Deism books in their libraries and implemented the deist ideas in their theological preaching and teaching thus popularizing deistic ideas into Christianity.

Nevertheless, deistic ideas took root and spread into the 19th century, often hidden in works on natural theology which were so prevalent in the early decades. (Natural theology considers the theological/moral truth about God that can be gleaned from the study of His creation, i.e., nature.) Brooke notes:

“Without additional clarification, it is not always clear to the historian (and was not always clear to contemporaries) whether proponents of design were arguing a Christian or deistic thesis. The ambiguity itself could be useful. By cloaking potentially subversive discoveries in the language of natural theology, scientists could appear more orthodox than they were, but without the discomfort of duplicity if their inclinations were more in line with deism.

One Anglican clergyman wrote in 1836 that as a result of the growing influence of natural theology and German neology “a large portion of what passes as Christianity is but deism in disguise!”

In Germany and France deism flourished, especially in biblical scholarship, where the German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) and Spinoza had great influence. Reventlow concludes his thorough study by saying:

We cannot overestimate the influence exercised by Deistic thought, and by the principles of the Humanist world view which the Deists made the criterion of their biblical criticism, on the historical-critical exegesis of the 19th century; the consequences extend right down to the present. At that time a series of almost unshakeable presuppositions were decisively shifted in a different direction.

As critical biblical scholarship gained the upper hand on the continent in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, its penetration into the British (and North American) churches was hindered, no doubt partly because of lasting effects of the evangelical revival led by the Wesley’s and Whitefield. So a revolution in theological and philosophical worldview was in full bloom by the early 19th century. Its development can also be traced in the history of geology and cosmogony.

Atheism also began to be introduced following the French Revolution and extending out from France to other parts of the world. This viewpoint was that there is no God. (Source)

In the early 19th century, the old-earth proponents believed that, prior to the work of Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo, it was quite natural for Christians to take various verses in the Bible to imply an immovable earth surrounded by the revolving heavenly bodies because they had no philosophical or observational reasons to think otherwise. But once the new mathematical descriptions and telescopic observations had been made known, they were forced to reinterpret those verses so as to remove the apparent contradiction between the (scientific theories) revealed by Scripture and the truth revealed by God’s creation. In exactly the same way, the old-earth proponents reasoned, geology has brought forward (seemingly) observational proof that the earth is much older than previously thought and so Christians must interpret Genesis 1 and 6–9 differently, so as to harmonize Scripture with this newly discovered teaching of creation. This thinking developed in stages in geology generally and in the minds of individual geologists. At first only Genesis 1 was reinterpreted, while the Flood of Genesis 6–9 was seen as a global, geologically significant event. After 1830, Genesis 6–9 was reinterpreted to mean a local and/or geologically insignificant flood.

Since Bacon’s scientific method had advanced knowledge of how things work and the science behind them for more than a century, people had begun to accept everything that came from the scientific world as fact, in spite of any conflicts with the Bible. Clergy would just adjust thief teachings.

How did this science for truth turn to science for propaganda? As Anthony B. Sutton explained in his excellent expose’ How the Order Controls Education (1985):

First, the take-over of the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale. After returning from Europe Daniel Coit Gilman spent the next 14 years “in and around Yale, consolidating the power of the Order.”

“His first task in 1856 was to incorporate Skull & Bones as a legal entity under the name of The Russell Trust. Gilman became Treasurer and William H. Russell, the co-founder, became President. It is notable to note that there is no mention of the Order, Skull & bones, the Russell Trust, or any secret society activity in Gilman’s biography, nor in open records. The Order, so far as its members are concerned, is designed to be secret … The Order has been remarkably adept at keeping it’s secret. The Order fills the first requirement for a conspiracy – IT IS SECRET.” (Pages 6-7)

“The Sheffield Scientific School, the science departments at Yale, exemplifies the way in which the Order came to Control Yale and then [all of the higher educational institutions of] the United States.

“In the early 1850s, Yale science was insignificant, just two or three very small departments. In 1861 these were concentrated into the Sheffield Scientific School with private funds from Joseph E. Sheffield. [Daniel Coit] Gilman went to work to raise more funds for expansion.

“Gilman’s brother had married the daughter of Chemistry Professor Benjamin Silliman. [A member of the Order since 1837.] This brought Gilman into contact with Professor Dana, also a member of the Silliman family, and this group decided that Gilman should write a report on reorganization of Sheffield. This was done and entitled “Proposed Plan for the Complete Reorganization of the School of Science Connected with Yale Collage.” (Page 7).

Using members of the Order in Washington and Connecticut a plan was hatched to get Federal funding. The Morrill Land Bill was first introduced in 1857 and vetoed by President Buchanan in 1859, but later signed by President Lincoln.

“This bill now known as the Land Grand Collage Act donated public lands for State collages of agriculture and science … and of course Gilman’s report on just such a collage was ready”. (Page 8)

As Sutton explains, this was a crucial move in the Orders plan to gain control of all of the schools of higher learning in the States.

“The legal procedure was for the Federal government to issue land script in proportion to a state’s representation, but state legislatures first had to pass legislation accepting the script. Not only was Daniel Gilman first … to get Federal land script … [he] grabbed all of Connecticut’s share for Sheffield Scientific School … no other School in Connecticut received even a whisper until 1893… Of course it helped that a member of the Order, Augustus Brandegee [Initiated into the Order in 1849] was speaker of the Connecticut State legislature in 1861 when the state bill was moving through … Other member’s of the Order, like Stephen W. Kellogg [Initiated in 1846] and William Russell [Initiated in 1833], were either in the State Legislature or had influence from past service.” (Page 8)

The Order next moved on the State of New York’s share of Federal money and was able to do the same thing for Cornell University.

“Andrew Dickson White, a member of our trio, was the key activist in New York and later became the first President of Cornell. Daniel Gilman was rewarded by Yale and became Professor of Physical Geography at Sheffield in 1863.” (Page 8)

From this beginning the Illuminati eventually controlled the science departments in all collages and institutions of higher learning. For the complete documented, diagrammed understanding of the steps that were taken and the people involved in this takeover I urge you to locate a copy of Sutton’s explosive book and read it.

In medical science, archaeology, space science, food science, and many others, the scientist can only research what is funded at the university they are affiliated with unless they are able to find outside funding, and those universities only get funding for areas of science that the establishment allows and funds through their front organizations. And there are plenty of rented white coats available for hire when Big Pharma or Big Ag need a scientific study to get a new product out that is unsafe by all reasonable means.

More and more studies simply cannot be replicated, so any false theories are not thrown out, but left floating as acceptable ‘fact’ in the hallowed scientific ethers, when they are nothing more than studies paid for and promoted by the companies who have a marked interest in proving their personal hypothesis.

Take for example a recent review of 67 blockbuster drug discovery research findings published in prestigious journals.  A review of the studies found that three-fourths of them weren’t right. Bayer simply couldn’t replicate findings that were published in more than 75 percent of their drug trials. Another study of cancer research found that only 11 percent of preclinical cancer research could be reproduced, In 2017, Springer, the publisher of Tumor Biology, retracted 107 papers from one journal after discovering they had been accepted with fake peer reviews. – but the problem isn’t just in the pharmaceutical industry.

Even in physics, supposedly the most complex and most reliable of all sciences, two of the most flaunted physics results of the past few years — the announced discovery of both cosmic inflation and gravitational waves at the BICEP2 experiment in Antarctica, as well as the supposed discovery of superluminal neutrinos at the Swiss-Italian border — have now been retracted. While some error in studies should be tolerated due to mistakes, most is due to fraud and costs the American taxpayer in excess of $28 billion per year alone.

Scientists can manipulate data almost any way they deem fit. Data can be excluded, included and re-arranged to support the presupposition of any scientist. This was the case in the global warming hoax as exposed in Climategate when hacked emails showed how scientific data had been manipulated to show the earth was warming, a conclusion not supported by real, unblemished data.

Today, we are burdened with the public schools, controlled cable network programs, and other means of information continuing to advance the sacrosanct theories favored by the media and little is known about any science that is banned. Evolution and the big bang continue to be taught in school while creationism is banned, vaccines and pills are pushed from youth up while homeopathic and natural cures are suppressed, 70% of our food contains GMO’s, while all but 5% contains harmful pesticides in the ingredients, and many more frauds are committed for fame and money, or to comply with an agenda necessary for a new world order. Ultimately, its about the social pandering to guys in white lab coats. We’ve made scientists Gods while ignoring that they are people with greed, lust for power, and other very human traits.

Eisenhower in his farewell address warned that a “scientific-technological elite” dependent on government money would exert undue influence on government policy.

Today we have the best science money can buy. Most grants to scientists and other academics at the university level come from the elite through their control of their foundations (see section on Philanthropy/NGOs). Because of this, the elite steer the direction of research by giving money for certain projects while not funding other avenues of research. All scientists are dependent on these grants and are thus controlled lackeys for the elite. Further, those projects yielding desirable results are snapped up by the elite’s private interests and used to extend their control and dominance and further particular aspects of their agenda. (

Sources: WakingTimes; How the order Controls EducationScripture & science

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United States v Merck - Whistleblowers Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski, former Merck virologists, filed suit in the name of the United States against Merck. They claimed that by faking effectiveness testing, Merck misled the United States government as to the effectiveness of the mumps component of its  MMRII vaccine. In 2012  a clinic and two MDs filed a class action against Merck claiming violation of the Sherman Act – monopolistic, anti-competitive behavior resulting from the fraud – and violation of various state laws. The suits were handled together. John Rappaport has the following report from his website: In 2010, ...
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Climategate: Leaked Emails Reveal Scientific Fraud & Data Manipulation for Global Warming

The Climategate scandal erupted on November 19, 2009, when a collection of email messages, data files and data processing programs were leaked from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU) located in the UK, revealing scientific fraud and data manipulation by scientists concerning the Global Warming Theory. The scandal that the suffix –gate implies is the state of climate science over the past decade, revealed by more than a thousand emails, documents, and computer code sets between various prominent scientists.[2] The released information is evidence of deceit by climate scientists, which was kept a secret or hidden from ...
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UN Whistleblower, Rasna Warah, Who Exposed a Culture of Corruption Only to be Retaliated and Attacked for Reporting the Wrongdoing

When she stumbled across massive corruption and made-up statistics in her job at the United Nations, Rasna Warah knew she needed to act. But when she tried to blow the whistle, she was viciously attacked, publicly humiliated, threatened, intimidated, and more. Unfortunately, though, as Warah explains in her new book UNsilenced: UNmasking the United Nations' Culture of Cover-ups, Corruption and Impunity, her case is far from unique. In fact, the corruption and lawlessness across the UN appears to be systemic. Some of the cases described in the book and the pages of The New American magazine make the scandals ...
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Lord Christopher Monckton gave a Presentation in St. Paul, MN on Global Warming Issuing Dire Warning Against the UN Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen

On 14 October 2009, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN on the subject of global warming. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty that was scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009. The conference was ultimately unsuccessful in reaching an agreement on a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol. The Copenhagen Accord, a minimalist framework agreement brokered by Barack Obama and the U.S. delegation, also failed to win consensus support. In the aftermath of the failure of the COP15 ...
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Neal Kin, Vladimir Oksman, and Charles Bry file an application for an encryption patent application

An interesting patent application... Neal Kin, Vladimir Oksman, and Charles Bry file an application for an encryption patent application. All three individuals deny a connection to Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged originator of the Bitcoin concept. Those familiar with the world's first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, know that there's near universal consensus that "Satoshi Nakamoto" doesn't exist. Instead, a worldwide guessing game has sprung up over who's behind the Nakamoto handle. Fast Company's Adam Penenberg wrote about the question in 2011 and came up with the names of three aforementioned men who'd filed the patent for a Bitcoin-related technology: The three inventors ...
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‘Thousands, Not Billions’ Published by RATE Scientists after an 8 year Study on Young Earth Theory v. Evolution Theory

New RATE Data Support a Young World: Zircons are young New experiments for the RATE project strongly support a young earth. This article updates results announced in an ICR Impact article and documented at a technical conference. Our experiments measured how rapidly nuclear-decay- generated Helium escapes from tiny radio-active crystals in granite-like rock. The new data extend into a critical range of temperatures, and they resoundingly confirm a numerical prediction we published several years before the experiments.4 The Helium loss rate is so high that almost all of it would have escaped during the alleged 1.5 billion year uniformitarian5 age of the rock, and there ...
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The BBC Broadcast “The Guinea Pig Kids” where NYC Foster Kids Were Unwitting Human Subjects in Experimental AIDS Drug Trials

In the summer of 2004, Liam Scheff, an independent investigative journalist published the story of Incarnation Children's Center in New York, where experimental and highly toxic Aids drugs were forcibly administered to foster children of the State. Originally published in the article The House That Aids Built, the story was subsequently carried by The New York Press with the title: Orphans on Trial. On November 30th that same year, the BBC broadcast the documentary “Guinea Pig Kids” and a news article of the same name by reporter Jamie Doran. He reveals that children involved in the New York City ...
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Dr. Hirzy, Senior Scientist for Risk Assessment for the EPA, Testified to Senate Subcommittee on “Why EPA’s Union of Professionals Opposes Fluoridation.”

On June 29th, 2000, Dr. William Hirzy was invited to give testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and Water on behalf of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) Chapter 280 - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Headquarters. At the time, Dr. Hirzy was serving his sixth term as the Senior Vice-President of the Union. His presentation that day was, "Why EPA's Union of Professionals Opposes Fluoridation." This is a video that documents the presentation along with interviews with Dr. Hirzy where he describes the reasoning behind the professional and official ...
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Dr. Andrew Wakefield Publishes a Medical Paper about Possible Correlation between MMR Vaccine and Autism

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Prof. John Walker Smith, Dr. Simon Burch, and 10 other co-authors published a paper in the Lancet, a British Medical Journal, which showed a possible correlation between the MMR vaccine and resultant gastrointestinal dysfunction along with developmental delays and autism. Though the paper itself did not state a conclusive causal effect, it did state the need for further study into the possibility that the MMR shot was to blame. Wakefield went on to publicly bring attention to the possibility, criticizing the MMR shot and calling for separation of the three vaccines. He has since been subjected ...
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Dr. Burzynski Acquitted by a Grand Jury: His Crime? A Cancer Cure 3X as Effective as Chemo or Radiation Threatening the Multi-Billion Cancer Industry

Go HERE to get the latest copy (2016 version) Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food and Drug Administration in American history. In the 1970s, Dr. Burzynski made a remarkable discovery that threatened to change the face of cancer treatment forever. His non-toxic, gene-targeted cancer medicine could have helped save millions of lives over the last two decades had his discovery not been criminally suppressed by the US government, as his therapy, called "antineoplastons," ...
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Merck Vaccine Scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman Admitted Presence of SV40, AIDS and Cancer Viruses in Vaccines

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) produced and aired a four hour, two-part documentary titled, ‘The Coming Plague’. It was during a section of this documentary that filmmakers dug up an old audio recording of a discussion between a half dozen of the world’s foremost vaccine inventors. Included in the casual, light-hearted debate are historian and doctor Edward Shorter, Dr. Albert Sabin (namesake of the Sabin Vaccine Institute), and most importantly, Dr. Maurice Hilleman - Chief of the Merck Pharmaceutical Vaccine Division. One of the most prominent vaccine scientists in the history of the vaccine industry -- a Merck scientist -- ...
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Dr. Victoria Romanus Indicated that Deaths from Whooping Cough Remained Near Zero after Sweden withdrew the DTP Vaccine in 1979 Considering it Possibly Unsafe

A 1995 letter from Victoria Romanus at the Swedish Institute of Infectious Disease Control indicated that deaths from whooping cough remained near zero after Sweden withdrew use of the DTP vaccine in 1979 on the basis that it was not effective and possibly unsafe. Sweden’s population was 8,294,000 in 1979 and 8,831,000 by 1995. From 1981 to 1993, eight children were recorded as dying, with the cause of death listed as pertussis. This averaged to be about 0.6 children per year possibly dying from whooping cough. These numbers show that the odds of dying from pertussis in Sweden were about ...
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Victims of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA Mind Control Program Give Explosive Testimony to President’s Committee on Radiation of Being Raped, Shocked, Drugged, & Tortured as Children

The CIA mind-control apparatus has been well known since 1975, when 10 large boxes of documents were released pursuant to Freedom of Information Act requests. Several good books were then written on the subject of the CIA program known as MK-ULTRA. Officially spanning ten years from 1952-62, MK-ULTRA involved the use of LSD on unwitting military and civilian subjects in the United States. LSD and more powerful compounds were given under duress as brainwashing and truth serum drugs. The program’s aim was to find drugs which would irresistibly bring out deep confessions or wipe a subject’s mind clean and ...
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First GMO product Approved by FDA, the Flavr Savr Tomato, in spite of Repeated Warnings from FDA Scientists about Serious Health Risks

The FDA completed its evaluation of the first genetically modified product, the Flavr Savr tomato, concluding that the tomato "is as safe as tomatoes bred by conventional means" and "that the use of aminoglycoside 3'-phosphotransferase II is safe for use as a processing aid in the development of new varieties of tomato, rapeseed oil, and cotton intended for food use," in spite of FDA scientists repeated warnings to their superiors about the serious health risks of GMOs. They were ignored by the political appointees in charge, who allow GMOs onto the market without any required safety studies. It was first ...
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