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Sexualization of Society


The World Happiness Report 2018 concluded that Finland is the happiest country in the world. “That Finland is the top scorer is remarkable,” said Meik Wiking of the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark. “GDP per capita in Finland is lower than its neighboring Nordic countries and is much lower than that of the US. The Finns are good at converting wealth into well-being. Finland marked it's first century of independence in 2017 and, in spite of its relatively small population, is a world leader in many fields. Prominent ratings by various agencies describe it as the among the most ...
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Individuals identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) suffer from significant problems in the areas of social, emotional and communication skills, which can cause serious problems in their daily functioning The following symptoms are common: not point at objects to show interest (for example, not point at an airplane flying over) not look at objects when another person points at them have trouble relating to others or not have an interest in other people at all avoid eye contact and want to be alone have trouble understanding other people’s feelings or talking about their own feelings prefer not to be ...
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Get All of Your Alternative News Here in One Place! ARTICLES Politics Health Financial Prepper / Off-Grid VIDEOS Politics Health Financial Prep / Survival ...
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Latest Health Videos

Natural News (The Health Ranger Mike Adams) Youtube Channel was Terminated on 3 Mar 2018. Please visit his VIMEO Channel here ...
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history-bkup provides a chronological history of events that most likely did not happen as we have been taught in our history books. The word ‘history’ comes from the Greek word historia meaning “knowledge acquired by inquiry or investigation," so this site provides an alternative history where investigations into the official account tell a different story. The official narratives are often meant to divert the public from the truth and alternative media has been under attack by the deep state controlled media deeming anything that contradicts the official narrative as fake news. The deep state has leveraged themselves as the ...
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Continent / Country

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Religion / Ideology

      Chronological History of Religion / Ideology Related Events: ...
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One World Religion

Daily News Feeds (Pg.10)

Page 1 - (Breitbart, WND, & The Intercept) Page 2 - (Infowars) Page 3 - (Drudge) Page 4 - (The Phaser, The New American, Activist Post) Page 5 - (Counterpunch, Veteran's Today, Truthout) Page 6 - (Zero Hedge, Vdare, Antiwar) Page 7 - (Blacklisted News, SOTT) Page 8 - (Popular Blogs / Investigative Journalists Feeds) Page 9 - (Popular Blogs / Investigative Journalists Feeds) Page 10 - (LaRouche) Page 11 - Health News (Natural News, Mercola, Geoengineering Watch) Page 12 - Financial News (Gold / Silver, Cryptocurrency) Page 13 - Prepper & Survival News ...
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Medical Tyranny

Martial Law / Police State

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Creation Science

Big Ag

When just five corporations dominate the world’s seed, pesticide and biotech industries, they control the fate of food and farming. Between them — Monsanto, DowDupont, BASF, Bayer, and Syngenta — have historically unprecedented power over world agriculture, enabling them to control the agricultural research agenda, heavily influence trade and agricultural agreements and subvert market competition. Along the way, these companies intimidate, impoverish and disempower farmers, and undermine food security, all while making historic profits — even as their genetically engineered seeds fail to deliver as promised. Contrary to what the marketing campaigns say, these corporations are in the game ...
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Once a controversial chemical company, Monsanto remade itself into an even more controversial agricultural biotechnology corporation that holds a dominant position in both herbicides and genetically engineered seeds. Identified more closely than any other company with the effort to introduce genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the food supply, Monsanto has been the target of ongoing campaigns for more than 20 years, including annual March Against Monsanto actions in hundreds of cities around the world. Despite been labeled "Mutanto" and a purveyor of Frankenfoods, Monsanto has not backed down. It has made aggressive use not only of marketing and public ...
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Secretive Organizations

Despite the regular references in the establishment press these days to the Deep State as a nebulous force working behind the scenes to attack President Donald Trump, little has been said about the Deep State behind the Deep State — or the real Deep State. Until now. Parts of this shadowy network — the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and more — are sometimes visible to the public, even if the establishment media rarely highlight the significance. The late Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, a mentor to President Bill Clinton, was for many years close to ...
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Bilderberg Group

In addition to the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, there is yet another shadowy outfit with Rockefeller and other establishment globalists at its core: Bilderberg. Founded in 1954 by former Nazi SS member Prince Bernhard, the annual meetings and the network behind them started at the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands, ostensibly as a “forum for informal discussions, designed to foster dialogue.” Generally there are between 120 and 150 attendees, most of whom come from Europe and North America, representing every tentacle of establishment power. More than a few analysts have referred to Bilderberg as the “shadow” global ...
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Trilateral Commission

Another outfit like the CFR, only more “elite” and more international, is the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 by the late globalist and self-described conspirator for a one-world order David Rockefeller. The late Rockefeller, of course, also played a leading role in the CFR, becoming a member in 1941 and serving as chairman of the board from 1970 until 1985, and an honorary chairman until his death in 2017 at age 101. As with so many Deep State tentacles, the Rockefellers — and especially David — have been crucial to the Trilateral Commission. Indeed, David Rockefeller was appointed the first ...
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