Tribunal Court Finds Monsanto Guilty of Ecocide, Human Rights Violations, and Actively Blocking Scientific Research that Reflects Badly on GMO’s   The legal findings of a civil society trial on whether Monsanto is guilty of ecocide, subsequently fostering human rights abuses, were delivered in the Hague on April 18, 2017. Initial hearings of the international tribunal occurred on October 15 and 16 in 2016 at the Institute of Social Studies, ISS. Over the following [...]

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Obama Announces new Clean Water Rule, Expands EPA Overreach

Editors Note: Since the Clean Water Act became effective in October 1972, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers have overstepped their jurisdiction numerous times, greatly affecting many land owners, farmers, etc. The Supreme Court has reprimanded their overstepping actions time and again, so they have finally succeeded in expanding their jurisdiction from 'navigable waters [...]

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French GMO Grain Farmer Wins Court Battle with Monsanto for Chemical Poisoning

French farmer Paul Francois French farmer Paul Francois sues Monsanto for chemical poisoning he claims was caused by its pesticide Lasso, part of the Roundup Ready line of products. Francois wins and sets a new precedent for future cases. A French court on Feb. 13, 2012 declared U.S. biotech giant Monsanto guilty of [...]

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US Senator Wm. Lancer Petitions Congress to Investigate the Federal Injunction Imposed on Dr. Koch Following Success in Canada & South America in Cancer & Veterinary Treatments

Here is an excerpt from remarks read into the Congressional Record by US Senator William Lancer, on June 7, 1948. It not only reveals the scope of Koch’s work, it opens up a chapter of hidden history: “Fortunately for Canadian farmers in the Province of British Columbia, the Minister of the Department of Agriculture possessed [...]

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Senior Toxicologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Published a Sixty-Page Review on Fluoride Poisoning

In 1933, Dr. Lloyd DeEds, senior toxicologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and lecturer in pharmacology at Stanford University, published a sixty-page review on fluoride poisoning. He wrote, “The possibility of fluorine hazard should . . . be recognized in industry where this element is dealt with or where it is discharged into the [...]

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