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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author, Gary Webb, Who Exposed the CIA Drug Trafficking Scheme Shoots Himself in the Head – Twice? So Says the Dirty Coroner!

UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 11: CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS FOUNDATION ANNUAL LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE--Gary Webb, the reporter with the San Jose Mercury News who broke the story of the CIA supplying drugs to the Contras to sell in Southern California, at an issue forum called, "Connections, Coverage, and Casualties: The Continuing Story of the CIA and [...]

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‘Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press’, an Award-Winning Collection of Essays is Released by Freelance Journalist Kristina Borjesson

Borjesson succinctly explains the journalist's predicament: "The buzzsaw is what can rip through you when you try to investigate or expose anything this country's large institutions be they corporate or government want kept under wraps. The system fights back with official lies, disinformation, and stonewalling. Your phone starts acting funny. Strange people call you at [...]

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Gary Webb Begins His Dark Alliance Series: How CIA-led Nicaraguan Rebels Brought Cocaine to Poor L.A. neighborhoods in the ’80s and Started the Crack Epidemic The Ghost of “Dark Alliance” October 31, 2014 A new movie, an old story, and a discredited corporate press Editors Note: Project Censored connected Gary Webb with Seven Stories Press for publication of his book Dark Alliance. By Brian Covert The newly released Hollywood film “Kill the Messenger,” now showing in theaters across the United [...]

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