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House Republicans Request Investigation on the Clinton Foundation

A request to investigate the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on charges of “public corruption” was made in a letter by 64 House Republicans to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charging the foundation is “lawless.” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen referred congressional charges of corrupt Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” activities to his tax [...]

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IRS Tea Party Scandal Begins with IRS Targeting ‘Tea Party’ and Patriot’ Organizations

Between March 1-17 of 2010, IRS agents identified the first 10 "Tea Party case" applications though not all had "tea party" in their name, according to a draft of The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) appendix. IRS' Determinations Unit had asked for a search of "tea party or similar organizations' applications." Through 2015, an investigation had [...]

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Fast & Furious Begins: Secret Government Gun Smuggling Operation

It started during the George W. Bush administration. Back then it was termed “Operation Wide Receiver.” The program later became known as “Gunwalking” and ended up being labeled “Fast and Furious.” An ill-conceived scheme from its outset, it eventually cost the lives of an unknown number of Mexican citizens and one U.S. Border Patrol agent. [...]

IRS Whistleblower Sherry Jackson Temporarily Silenced by 3 Years Imprisonment Under Misdemeanor Charges   Most Americans do not know who Sherry Peel Jackson is. You won’t hear her name mentioned in the mainstream media. She will never be named to People Magazine’s most fascinating people list or be included in CNN’s latest group of heroes. Yet, she is a courageous American activist who put her life on [...]

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Patriot & Freedom Fighter Aaron Russo Dies at 64 Shorty after this interview Aaron Russo passed on. After a six-year battle with bladder cancer, Aaron died on August 24, 2007 His words and his fighting spirit will live forever. Aaron Russo R.I.P. February/2/1943 – August/24/2007 On August 24, 2007, America lost a great human being and a fearless champion of freedom. Aaron Russo [...]

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Grace Commission: “All Individual Income Tax Revenues are Gone Before One Nickel is Spent on the Services which Taxpayers Expect from their Government.”

Peter Grace in the Oval office with President Reagan (1984) Most people believe their tax dollars are applied directly to the expenses of government. An extension of this same belief promotes people’s desire to pay their fair share of the tax burden so we can all enjoy the benefits of living in America. [...]

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The ‘Church Committee’ is Formed by the Senate to Investigate Corruption and Criminal Activity by the Intelligence Community

The Church Committee was formed following one of the most controversial events in American history. Watergate had revived American feelings of distrust in their government. Also, Seymour Hersh, of the New York Times, ran an article on December 22, 1974, concerning alleged intelligence abuses by the CIA and other intelligence agencies; American suspicions grew. In [...]

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