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RussiaGate: Immediately Following Donald Trump’s Winning the 2016 Election, a Deep State Coup to Oust Him Begins with a Dirty Dossier

(LaRouche) Nothing of any truth about the assault on President Trump can be understood, unless one addresses the question of why all of this is occurring, along with the subsumed question of “cui bono?” This requires transcending the world of partisan politics and inside-the-beltway gossip, and the necessity for examining the strategic setting and implications [...]

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NSA Director Mike Rogers traveled to New York and met with President-Elect Donald Trump? Did he warn Trump about Obama’s FISA Request to Spy on Him?

(ConservativeTreehouse.com) Sometimes the utilization of Timelines means you have to look at the new information with a keen awareness of specific events.   In hindsight, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers may have notified Team Trump of Obama’s Intelligence Community (James Clapper and John Brennan) spying on their activity. As you look at the FISA request dates [...]

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President Putin Signs the Draconian “Yarovaya Law”

President Putin signed the draconian "Yarovaya Law," named after United Russia lawmaker Irina Yarovaya who drafted the Orwellian bill in the name of anti-terrorism, into law. On June 24, its very last day in session before the summer break and the September parliamentary election, the Russian Parliament rammed through a bill – without any meaningful [...]

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US Intelligence Whistleblower Leaks Mobile Surveillance Devices

A whistleblower tied to the U.S. intelligence community leaked a secret catalog containing a wide array of cell phone surveillance devices used by the NSA, CIA, military, and police. THE INTERCEPT OBTAINED a secret, internal U.S. government catalogue of dozens of cell phone surveillance devices used by the military and by intelligence agencies. The document, thick with previously undisclosed information, [...]

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Orwellian Windows 10 Released by Microsoft with Built-in Spy Tools

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on September 30, 2014, promoting the event as the largest software update ever. Unlike previous releases, the new version has been offered by Microsoft to all domestic users as a free upgrade. Over 14 million users are reported to have downloaded and installed it within the first 24 hours of its release. [...]

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Snowden Leaks Docs on Secret Government Agency Online Manipulation & Subterfuge Tactics

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI9vOnlzoJA HOW COVERT AGENTS INFILTRATE THE INTERNET TO MANIPULATE, DECEIVE, AND DESTROY REPUTATIONS Glenn Greenwald (writing for TheIntercept.com) Feb. 24 2014, 4:25 p.m. One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and [...]

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Draconian NDAA 2014 approved by Obama

NDAA 2014 underwrote $662 billion for continued US aggression in our many foreign wars while, on the domestic front, it violates the Bill of Rights. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, it authorizes presidents “to order the military to pick up and imprison people, including U.S. citizens, without charging them or putting them on [...]

Intelligence Director James Clapper, who lied to Congress about NSA Spying on Americans, Appointed to Lead Independent Investigation of NSA Surveillance

Obama assigned National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who had falsely testified to Congress that the NSA was not collecting information on U.S. citizens, to establish an “independent” investigation of NSA surveillance. This is the same James Clapper who gave false information to Congress when asked whether the NSA was collecting data on Americans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwiUVUJmGjs   He later [...]

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U.S. Gov’t Quietly Pressured Telecom Providers to Install Spy Technology Deep Inside Companies’ Internal Networks to Facilitate Surveillance Efforts

FBI officials sparred with carriers, a process that has on occasion included threats of contempt of court, in a bid to deploy government-provided software capable of intercepting and analyzing entire communications streams. The FBI's legal position during the discussions was that the software's real-time interception of metadata is authorized under the Patriot Act. Attempts by the [...]

Top Secret Document reveals NSA Allowed Full Access to Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. without Court Order

NSA Whistleblower, Edward Snowden, revealed that most large online data services providers participate in an NSA program to sweep up all user data into NSA computers for "Big Data" analysis and data mining. The companies revealed are Microsoft (9/11/07), Yahoo (3/12/08), Google (1/14/09), Facebook (6/3/09), Paltalk (12/7/09), YouTube (9/24/10), Skype (2/6/11), AOL (3/31/11), Apple (added [...]

Former CIA Agent Edward Snowden Begins Leaking Docs on NSA Spying of Every American

Edward Snowden is an American computer professional from N.C., a former Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) employee, and former contractor for the United States government who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 without prior authorization. His disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence [...]

NSA Director James Clapper Lies to Congress about NSA Spying on Americans

On Mar. 12, 2013, NSA Director James R. Clapper lied to Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) and Congress: Sen. Wyden: "Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions, of Americans?" Gen. Clapper replied untruthfully: "No, sir," rubbing his head. Sen. Wyden asked, "It does not?" Still rubbing his [...]

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Panel of Whistleblowers Discuss National Security Secrecy & Surveillance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CN4YPDymww   A panel discussion on National Security, Secrecy and Surveillance in New York City was sponsored by the Open Society Foundations and the Government Accountability Project, and moderated by Steven Aftergood, the renowned editor of Secrecy News for the Federation of American Scientists. The speakers were Thomas Drake, the courageous former intelligence officer who blew the whistle on National Security Agency/contractor corruption during [...]

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U.S. Government Retaliation Charges of Espianage Act Violations Against NSA Whisleblower Thomas Drake Dropped

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake In April 2010, the government alleged that Thomas Drake - a former senior executive of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), a decorated U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy veteran, and a whistleblower - mishandled documents, one of the several Espionage Act cases in U.S. history, as retaliation and persecution for challenging the unconstitutional domestic spying Trailblazer Project. He is the 2011 [...]

Facebook Launches

The question has been raised that Facebook has connections with the CIA. Facebook has a resource that any secret intelligence agency in the world would die for. Access to over 60 million people's names, addresses, friends, activities, details about them, even phone numbers and emails. Given the CIA's shady past and repertoire for doing anything [...]

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The Eclipse Foundation Releases Version 2.0.1 with Source Code Containing Substantial Innovations From Leader Technologies. IBM would Claim Copyrights.

The Eclipse Foundation (IBM, Xerox, Hoffman La Roche, Bill Fenwick, Fenwick & West LLP) formed November 29, 2001 released Version 2.0.1. of a social networking software. IBM would claim copyrights. The source code contains substantial innovations from Leader Technologies supplied to IBM / Eclipse via James P. Chandler. James Chandler (also Leader's patent counsel at [...]

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NSA Whistleblowers, William Binney & Kirk Wiebe, Resign Because of the NSA’s ‘Acting in Deliberate Violation of the Constitution’ with Massive Spying

William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe are  National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblowers who worked at the agency in excess of 36 years. As Technical Director, Binney developed a revolutionary information processing system called ThinThread that, arguably, could have detected and prevented the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but NSA officials ignored the program in favor of Trailblazer, [...]

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The U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act is Signed into Law by President Bush, Suspending Civil Liberties & Privacy Rights due to War on Terror

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWMY8GQUjXs&feature=gv   Drafted long before 9/11, the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act became law when President Bush signed it on Oct 26, 2001. Bearing the awkward acronym, Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act, it passed the US Senate by an overwhelming vote of 96-1 although no Senator had [...]

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Project “Stellar Wind”—President Bush Authorized Warrentless Bulk Surveillance of American Citizens

On Oct. 04, 2001, George W. Bush signed a President's Surveillance Program (PSP) authorizing the bulk data collection of American citizens called "Stellar Wind." This document was drafted solely by attorney John C. Yoo who was clearly being directed by his handlers James P. Chandler, III and Eric H. Holder, Jr., along with Vice President [...]

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During the 9/11 ‘False Flag’ Event, a Shadow Government is Formed Under the Guise of the Emergency Need for Continuity of Government

Rumsfeld / Cheney Hours after the 9/11 attacks, a "shadow government" is formed. Key congressional leaders say they didn't know this government-in-waiting had been established. [CBS, 3/2/02, Washington Post, 3/2/02, more] Dick Cheney responded by using devious means to install a small cabal of lawyers - most notoriously John Yoo - who proceeded conspiratorially in [...]

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NSA director Michael Hayden initiated the Trailblazer Project – the NSA Spying Software for Cell Phones, Email and other Communications.

The Trailblazer Project was a National Security Agency (NSA) program intended to develop a capability to analyze data carried on communications networks like the Internet. It was intended to track entities using communication methods such as cell phones and e-mail. James P. Chandler, III was an advocate of Trailblazer for President Bill Clinton. Numerous NSA [...]

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Bill Clinton Issues Executive Order 13130 that formed the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC)

Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 13130 that formed the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC). The stated goal was to coordinate "effort by both government and private sector entities to address threats to our Nation's critical infrastructure." Hindsight shows that NIAC was the beginning of a private spy agency for the Executive Branch, NSA, and crony [...]

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Lotus, the go-to Communications and Collaboration Platform of the C.I.A., is Sold to IBM

Lotus sold to IBM. Lotus was the go-to communications and collaboration platform of the C.I.A. By the late 1990's, the government bagan to discover that Lotus Notes could not handle the large scale collaboration requirements of the Internet. That is when IBM advisor James P. Chandler met Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies who had invented [...]

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Deep State Puppets Sponsor the 3rd CPSR Cryptography and Privacy Conference with Objective: “to require that telecom… redesign their systems to facilitate wiretapping.”

Clinton, Bush, Obama consiglieri James P. Chandler III and Chief of Staff John D. Podesta, via the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, sponsored the "Third CPSR Cryptography and Privacy Conference" to gather intelligence with the objective: "to require that telecommunications manufacturers and service providers redesign their systems to facilitate wiretapping." This laid the foundation of [...]

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Lt. Alan Standorf, one of the First NSA Whistleblowers on Mass Surveillance, Found Dead in the Back of a Car at Reagan Airport

First Lieutenant Alan David Standorf worked with, if not directly for, the National Security Agency at Vint Hill Farms Station, then a U.S. Army/NSA listening post. In 1990, he became a whistleblower and made contact with Danny Casolaro, an investigative journalist. Standorf gave Casolaro information and copies of classified documents to help expose illegal activities including money laundering, [...]

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