‘The Biggest Secret’ is Published. David Icke Introduces Mind Controlled Slave Arizona Wilder, Who Claimed to Perform Satanic Rituals for Illuminati Shape-shifting Reptilian Elites

///‘The Biggest Secret’ is Published. David Icke Introduces Mind Controlled Slave Arizona Wilder, Who Claimed to Perform Satanic Rituals for Illuminati Shape-shifting Reptilian Elites

‘The Biggest Secret’ is Published. David Icke Introduces Mind Controlled Slave Arizona Wilder, Who Claimed to Perform Satanic Rituals for Illuminati Shape-shifting Reptilian Elites

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Below you will find an essay written by the Spell-checker and reviewer of the draft of Icke’s book, Ivan Fraser, and after that an update on Arizona Wilder. Wilder would later recant much of her testimony given in ‘The Biggest Secret‘ claiming most recently that: “Gradually, she realized that the whole lizard thing was just a cover story fed to her by mind manipulators, and distanced herself from that particular branch of the conspiranoid community.”

David Icke, Arizona Wilder and the Biggest Secret
By Ivan Fraser | 10/16-08

The following is a short summary of a minor investigation into aspects of David Icke’s latest book and his star witnesses Arizona Wilder and Credo Mutwa. Wilder claims to have been a mind controlled slave who performed Satanic rituals for the Illuminati at which she witnessed many famous people including the Queen Mother, shapeshift physically from a human to a lizard and consume sacrificial victims. She claims that since her programming broke down she has been able to reveal this information to the wider public.

My own role in the Biggest Secret saga was that I was asked by David to help him check spelling and offer any further information to his initial draft of the book. It was following my input that David was introduced to Arizona and heard her revelations, which subsequently became a focal point within the book and used as ‘evidence’ to support various themes outlined therein.

Having discussed my concerns with David’s wife and having sent David e-mails outlining my concerns over errors in his book and a feeling I have that he has been set up with misinformation and been the target of psychic manipulation, over a period from before publication to very recently (September 1999), and as yet having absolutely no feedback from David about any of the major concerns, I decided to publish my findings at the David Icke website forum. Consequently, I was banned from attending that forum by David Icke.

I wish it to be known that I bear David Icke no malice over this affair and the reason for publishing this information is to seek clarification and also offer information of which most may not be aware. My fears may be unfounded, but I feel that after reading this, you may see they are justified. And if my fears have solid foundation, these issues need urgent clarification, both for the sake of David Icke and his readers.

My suspicions about Arizona Wilder (AW) first manifested the first time I heard of her. Something in me said, ‘something isn’t right here’. A familiar feeling which usually turns out to be trustworthy, as anyone who has read Lifting The Veil knows.

She was not mentioned at all in the draft copy of The Biggest Secret (TBS) which I had read. David had not met her yet. When the book was released people started ringing me with questions like, ‘is it true about the reptiles’, and ‘is this stuff about the royal family true’. At which time I replied that I thought it was, based on the fact that the version I had read stated only the theory of the reptilians and that certain of the Royals were involved in Satanic rituals.

Soon I heard about Arizona Wilder. I reviewed the book again, this time the printed version, and asked Linda Icke (the British manager of Bridge of Love) to send a copy of the video from which AW’s testimony was taken. I was by this time very dubious about AW’s statements. Her statements had already overshadowed those of Christine Fitzgerald, Princess Diana’s healer and confidante, which were prominent in the version I read and which were not so sensational. However, Fitzgerald’s account may have been a ‘taster’ for what was to come, to ease the way for the far more incredible information which Wilder had to impart.

David stated that he saw his encounter with AW as an amazing synchronicity which endorsed his work in his latest book. How could she have known all of this stuff which tallied so exactly with TBS? Well, I believe I am not as naïve as David, and I know exactly how she could have known. He was passing copies of the book via post to me and others for editing. It was on computer. Both are simple to access by Intelligence people. We had also spoken over the phone about the reptilian issue. In fact I am shocked that David does not see this as a possibility himself.

This brings in another character who is pivotal to the entire Biggest Secret thesis. It was a contact of David’s named Brian Desborough who introduced Arizona to David. Brian is mentioned as a source for a great deal of information in the book, having supplied most of the material upon which David based his idea that Martians came to Earth and founded the Aryan race which the reptilians used as a vehicle to overtake the planet. Brian is also the source of much of the information David had compiled on the Babylonian world, its myths and how they fed into the sinister secret societies.

It was Brian Desborough, a scientist and researcher who had worked for several aerospace companies, who was also looking at the draft copy of the Biggest Secret at the same time as myself; i.e. before David met Arizona Wilder. Therefore the fact that Brian Desborough may be responsible for fundamentally leading the direction of David’s research, if not planting much of the basis of the book in David’s mind, is obvious. But then to be the same person responsible for giving him a so-called eye-witness to testify to the verity of that information is highly suspicious. Brian also writes articles on mind control and seems very knowledgeable on the subject. Is it possible that he could be directly involved in some way that we are not being told about? Cathy O’Brien testifies to having been taken to military aerospace locations and NASA bases for trauma-based programming.

David met AW and interviewed her for about 2 hours. Some of the questions were quite leading, but her testimony revealed an awful lot if you know what you are looking for. She did indeed endorse a great deal of David’s own theses; that is other people’s theses (again including many of Desborough’s) which David has agreed with. So closely, in fact, you would almost think she had already read the book – or had been given the information beforehand! Or, considering that she claims to be an ex-mind controlled slave, could it be she was pre-programmed? Testimony from Mark Philips and Cathy O’Brien as to how arduous it is to deprogram a CIA slave makes me very suspicious that AW could be considered reliable. She claims that since her programmer died, the programming broke down. I don’t believe this can be accepted as such, and external experts would have to be brought in to convince me that if she was controlled to the highest level, that she could be so deprogrammed now as to be considered reliable.

And don’t forget how much influence her testimony had to the final version of David’s book. It was her and only her who provided all the information about physically shapeshifting royalty, Pindar, the Belgian blood rituals which were allegedly attended by everyone from Laurence Gardner (!!??) to the Queen Mother!

Before I watched the video I dowsed the box with a pendulum and asked questions. I don’t usually use dowsing, but considered it may be useful to evaluate this case from as many angles as I could because if I was correct in my gut feeling then I had stumbled upon some very significant realizations. The basic questions were:

  • Was she going to be telling me the truth? Yes. Wow! I hadn’t expected that.
  • Was she also going to be telling lies? Yes. Ah!

As I thought she was a Multiple Personality, I assumed that she had been set up. So I asked, ‘Is she going to deliberately misinform David?’ Yes. This made me curious because I thought she would be doing it from programming.

I always like to ask questions I know the answers of now and then to check whether I am interpreting the pendulum correctly.

So I asked a question I was sure of the answer to: ‘Is she a programmed multiple?’ No. That was absolutely the last thing I expected. I couldn’t see how she could be lying to deliberately misinform and not been a set-up multiple stooge.

‘Then she isn’t a multiple?’ Yes.

“So has she ever been programmed as a multiple?’ No.

‘She is going to lie deliberately in full awareness?’ Yes.

Now that was only an initial test and I don’t put too much store in my abilities as a dowser. But I tell you my line of inquiry so that you know.

So I watched the video in order to get the full picture.

As I said, her testimony tallied so well with David’s that I can see how he was so impressed. He has always stated that he works on cross-referencing testimonies and ‘synchronicities’ as proof. Well, this time I think the Intelligence people took advantage of that one!

More revealing, however, about AW’s ‘evidence’ was that she demonized the ancient archetypes and occult images throughout. Osiris, Isis, Druids, even Harvest Festival. My own research tells me that there is a very positive side to these things. In fact these things are exactly what the Bible was written to obscure. AW’s testimony was overtly Judeo-Christian in its level of gross and blanket demonization of the occult. Something which I had warned David about doing when I read his draft. Something which he promised to amend for the final version.

But of course, that was before he met AW. And as a consequence of her testimony, it seems, David decided not to balance out his demonization, but instead increased it. If I was going to set David up to make that mistake, that’s exactly how I would have done it!

Then came some obvious bloopers. Having claimed to have been a multiple, she also states she forgets certain names of people. Multiples have photographic memory and perfect recall (see Cathy O’Brien’s testimonies). This memory lapse does not happen in recovered multiples.

Her facts were either regularly wrong, or so full of spin that she was hardly credible. Other information is impossible for anyone to verify, conveniently.

I checked with 2 occultists about her description of the demon raising ritual and both stated she had it wrong. Strange for a top level Satanist!

Then she targeted Sitchin and Gardner and said they take part in blood rituals with the Royals where shapeshifting happens. Considering Gardner’s books are revealing profound insights into the ancient knowledge, I am not surprised they wanted him demonized. I personally do not believe this testimony. I do however, think that Sitchin has been less than honest in his research, but again, the statement that he takes part in murderous rituals is more than I will accept without some pretty firm proof. But proof is offered nowhere in relation to AW’s testimony.

She states the royal lizards change back to lizards when asleep. Considering how many of them were educated in schools where they also lived amongst hundreds of others in dorms, and how many of them were in the armed forces, you would think someone would have noticed this little thing!

She states that the royal lizards can’t stay in human form at the scent of blood and transform and go crazy, ripping into their victims. And in all those years nobody has ever noticed this when they have cut themselves, been around blood, menstruating women etc. Considering they are so public, there is no way they have never been in the vicinity of blood. No signs there though either.

I thought, ‘this is just too ridiculous for words. David how the hell are you allowing this nonsense to influence you?’

She regularly inverts important ideas. The ancient Egyptians were anointed with the fat of the dragon – the sacred crocodile. AW states that the royal lizards anoint themselves with the fat of humans. Head lizard is Pindar. How similar is Pindar to ben Pandir, the Talmudic name for Jesus? Reversal at a deep archetypal and psychological level? I think so. And there are more examples too numerous to go into. I think you get the point.

Then strange things started happening as I watched the video. I kept getting psychic impressions of other people overlaid on her face. The first, Ingrid Pitt, whom I associate with Countess Bathory as she played her in the film Countess Dracula. Bathory is reputed to have been kept young by bathing in the blood of virgins.

Then, of all people, Jimmy Carter. I immediately recall David’s testimony in ‘And The Truth Shall Set You Free’, where he describes being possessed by Carter’s energy from which he needed healing later. Was that a hint that David had been possessed again?

Then Sigourney Weaver. I had been informed by a seer once that she is a predator vehicle, like many others in the Hollywood scene. That is, she is possessed by the reptoid/Luciferic consciousness. I cannot claim to know that to be true, but it did seem to fit very neatly with the scenario I was experiencing.

Then a face I couldn’t put a name to at first. I didn’t know where I had seen her. Then later I realized, it was the face of the head alien reptile in the television series V, called Diana. A reptile in human skin who was conning the world to believe that the reptile aliens were on their side.

Was my higher self telling me something here or what?! Was AW a predator vehicle too, and not a multiple at all, like the dowsing suggested?

Again, I wanted more proof.

As I had been a nurse for 9 years, I am quite aware of body language and communication. What I was seeing with AW was someone who was far too inexpressive with her hands and expressions. She seemed to be deliberately avoiding any kind of body language in case she gave the game away.

I also know a genuine multiple who HAS performed satanic ritual called Patti and whom I had introduced David to years ago, setting him off on the track of this whole Satanic thing. He refers to her in his books ‘I Am Me, I Am Free’ and ‘The Biggest Secret’ as ‘a contact from Darlington’. I know this woman well and am accustomed to her body language and how she flips between personalities and how she displays quite notable body language if you know what you are looking for. I also have interviewed her priest (an exorcist) and her ex-Harley Street therapist and discussed this subject at length. And I have spoken to Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips about this, albeit briefly.

To me, AW was not displaying what I expected in terms of body language. Everything I saw told me she was hiding something.

So I contacted the aforementioned expert; a professional therapist, specializing in multiples and victims of abuse, including those from government level pedophile circles. I had introduced her to David a couple of years ago and he mentions her in TBS. She looked at the video and agreed with my analysis. AW was not a multiple, nor seems to have ever been one. Her body language did not reveal this and suggested that she was deliberately lying and trying to keep from revealing this. She also has grave concerns about David, his health, his reptilian thesis, and that he may be under a great deal of pressure and psychic attack from those trying to pervert his work. She agreed that what I suspected was the more likely case – AW is a deliberate set up and her testimony is absolutely not to be trusted.

I also emailed Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips for a comment from them, but got no response. I later heard from another contact that they were avoiding speaking out about David’s latest book.

I later got calls from some very concerned people telling me that AW tripped their inner warning bells so much that they couldn’t accept her testimony and for that reason were very dubious about the book.

Others contacted me to say they were seeing negative energies around David.

If AW is a Satanist and has the kind of power she claims – and she would have to be one of the world’s most powerful magicians to work for the global elite in their highest rituals – then David is in extreme danger of being infected by her demonic magic if he spends any time with her. If I am wrong, and she is a multiple, but has not recovered, she may be working on David without either his or her knowledge.

She also claims to be part of a church involved in satanic ritual. But she also claims to be out of it. But she also knows enough to warn people about forthcoming rituals. Is she in, or is she out? Who can tell?

How is she still around considering what she is revealing?

How did they let her programming slip?

How come she was performing rituals with the likes of Tony Blair (that means it must be very recent) at a time when her programming was coming apart? I have seen the chaos Patti goes through as she has been regaining coherence over the years. And this is the woman we are expected was performing the highest level rituals in the world? Give me a break!

So I phoned Linda Icke. I told her of my concerns. As well as my concerns over David’s historical inaccuracies, lack of occult understanding, and flaws in his reptilian thesis. I said I was concerned that he had stated on radio that he was unusually drained of energy and had been ill for a while. She agreed I may be right and said that David has to face his own mistakes and defend himself in his own way.

Amazingly, when I told her what had transpired over the video and what I had looked into, she told me that David doesn’t actually trust AW!!!! ‘He’s the first to say “you can’t trust her,”’ she said!!!

So why is he selling a 2-hour interview with the woman?!

Why is he accepting her testimony at all?

Why has he refashioned so much of his work around her claims?

If it hadn’t been for her, the text would be far less sensational, less risible and have a far more balanced analysis of the occult.

This single woman has so overshadowed the real information in TBS that I no longer am able to trust a lot of it simply on David’s say so. I no longer trust David’s previously excellent antenna for getting to the truth.

Has Wilder also done something to David to lower his guard and turn him around? He certainly does not seem to me to be the same man he was. And that is what I am hearing time and time again from other people too.

I then contacted two people whom I know and trust who I consider to be as knowledgeable about the psychic aspects as I believe anybody could be. They both said the video was total nonsense. One (a well known author and Remote Viewing and mind control expert) agreed with my analysis 100%, that she was part of an Intelligence set up.

I showed Patti. She called the video, ‘A piece of shit.’ But granted, she may not be considered the ideal judge.

I had reports of people hosting David’s lectures who were so disturbed by the incredibility of the video that they stated that if it were not for the fact that it was David supporting it, they would never have sold it.

Then consider the Illuminati ritual post on the website, which I refer to in my chapter The Predators (Truth Campaign magazine 14). AW and David warn people about key dates and asked them to send love and light to the reptiles. As I pointed out in the article, this only feeds the problem as they are feeding an illusion – a psychotronic virus. Moreover, on one of the dates mentioned, I attended, but did not partake in, a mass channelling meditation, which was actually a guided meditation which opened the participating crowd up to predator possession.

I feel compelled to see this as further confirmation that the entire AW scenario is part of a wider conspiracy to jointly misinform, psychically attack and control the audience!

Who is influencing David Icke and why? The results of following the book, and his advice certainly seem sinister.

Then we had the solar eclipse, another blood ritual date according to AW. David went to the Great Pyramid in Egypt on that date for the eclipse and made all kinds of superficial comments about what seemed to be going on there. He said people were prevented from going in, that the attendees may be using underground tunnels to get in to do their blood rituals etc. No proof. And everything was adequately explained by Amargi Hiller, an independent journalist who works closely investigating the Giza site, in a message which was posted on David’s Forum.

But what did David do?

On this very powerful day, he had people all over the world sending thought energy based upon the most horrific images of blood-spattered tombs and child sacrifice, DIRECTED AT PERHAPS THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY POINT IN THE WORLD! Did they really need to do a blood ritual with that kind of energy focused on it? Is this another way that David has been set up to actually do the very job he is trying to expose?

I refer you to my chapter on the predators to see how that may fit into the Illuminati agenda.

Soon after this, David re-emerged from a trip to Africa announcing a new video called The Reptilian Agenda, which is an interview with a Zulu shaman called , who is confirming the existence of shapeshifting reptilians.

Credo recounts various ancient Zulu myths about the reptilian race which manipulates mankind, which are taken literally by himself and Icke and seen as remarkable confirmation of the reptile/human-race theory; although Credo’s version is that the race actually originated on Earth, left it and returned. Furthermore, the central reptile/Aryan race thesis is fundamentally challenged by Mutwa’s assertion that the black leaders of his country, and their bloodlines are from the reptilian race also.

Mutwa also speaks about personal encounters with ‘grey’ aliens, which he states are servants of the reptilians. He recounts eating the ‘grey, rather dry’ skin of the greys – which caused an hallucinogenic experience very reminiscent of LSD or similar drug experiences as well as a rash and intense itching. This, again, parallels MKULTRA mind control experiments/implantation experiences described by military abductees.  Mutwa elsewhere, rather contradictorily, states elsewhere that ‘greys’ are actually reptilians with an artificial ‘skin’. This contradiction is not challenged by Icke.

Interestingly, this man claims to have been abducted 40 years ago by greys, had something stuffed up his nose into his head etc. In an interview with The Spectrum Newspaper, Mutwa recalls walking down the street one day when a man approached him and quizzed him about knowing him from somewhere, and he recalled a memory about being in the underground facility where he was taken following his abduction, where he was experimented on by ‘greys’ in ways remarkably consistent with the classic MILAB (Military Abduction) scenario.

Mutwa states in the interview that this exact same thing has happened to many of his people.

The link with Montauk is also interesting. One engineer working on the ‘Montauk Project’, Preston Nichols, talks of having worked in the project – which included abductions for mind control. He says he remembers working in underground bases where greys and a reptilian creature also were. He recovered the memory of this after being confronted in the street by a man quizzing him on having seen him somewhere before.

This parallel, almost identical, scenario seems to be too coincidental. I think the greys and reptoid were implants in the vein described by Helmut Lammer in his book MILABS. Both tales have all the hallmarks of mind control. Mutwa is therefore, for my money, not a credible witness for David Icke.

David sees Mutwa as ‘proof’ of his thesis in his latest book, and since slightly altered aspects of his views to accommodate Mutwa’s new information. Again, there is severe doubt cast on yet another of David’s main sources of information on the reptilian issue.

However, the alien abduction issue aside, Mutwa seems a very genuine and sincere man, bravely determined to tell the world about what he feels is the plight of his people and their dreadful manipulation by the Illuminati forces. His interview with Spectrum can be read on Icke’s website.

Both Mutwa and Wilder may be consciously absolutely genuine in recounting their experiences according to their memories. But knowing what we do about the long history of Illuminati/intelligence/military abduction and false memory implantation, mind-control etc., for propaganda, subversion and discrediting of witnesses purposes, I believe we need to be extremely careful before buying into what amount to little more than two circumstantial stories that offer next to no proof, given what we know of their backgrounds. One is a self-admitted Illuminati agent, and the other a self-admitted ‘alien abductee’.

I ask you to consider this. Ask you self who benefits from you buying into Wilder’s and Credo Mutwa’s stories? Then consider what David says himself: ‘JUST A COINCIDENCE, NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!’

It’s entirely up to you. I am just giving this from my viewpoint.

I may be wrong. If I am, I apologise unreservedly for casting aspersions on those who may be genuine. But I think there are enough doubts to warrant further explanation from someone at Bridge of Love. Because if Wilder’s and Desborough’s claims in The Biggest Secret are essentially true, then it needs to be acted upon as a matter of urgency. But the evidence needs to be as accurate and enforceable as possible. At present I don’t believe that a large amount of the so-called ‘evidence’ is any more than highly speculative, inaccurate and suspicious.

Does anybody have any more information to add to this?

Do David or Brian Desborough have any information to give us to show us we can trust Wilder? Is there anything David could tell us about Brian Desborough’s background to allay any doubts we may have about his integrity, considering his massive influence in the content and direction of The Biggest Secret?

Does anybody have any direct proof of any of the wild claims being made? For example, if Mutwa has captured greys and eaten them, then are there any remains, photographs or corroborating witnesses to present? For, until some actual evidence of this story appears, all we have is a very good draft of a science fiction novel that still needs careful work to iron out the inconsistencies in the plot.

I wonder how many of the loopholes in the story will be closed as the thesis is conveniently ironed out over time, so that it serves as the ‘master-theory’ of conspiracy theories? How many remarkable witnesses will appear who have more pieces of the jigsaw as David strives to prove that his theory is really the Biggest Secret?

One historical inconsistency of David’s book has been closed by Mutwa, as he tells of how the reptilians ordered that no direct image of their real appearance was to be depicted by anyone, otherwise that would mean instant death. This conveniently closes a loophole which David missed in his book, that despite claims by him to the contrary, there are actually very few depictions of reptilian gods in ancient sources. Of course we now know why. Instead, we are told, people depicted them in code, using various ciphers such as fish scaled creatures instead of reptilian scales etc.

But oddly, in an interview with Jeff Rense on his Sightings radio show on 14 October 1999, Mutwa claimed that the figure of Darth Maul – the alien ‘baddie’ in the latest Star Wars movie – is an absolute dead ringer for one of these ‘gods’, right down to the color. As yet, I have not heard of the mass demise of George Lucas or the Star Wars makeup department and design team. Like the above example of the grey flesh vs. artificial skin contradiction, such inconsistencies go unchallenged by Icke and, it seems, by most of his audience. David has an excellent track record of bringing hard to get information into the wider public arena. He has worked extremely hard and endured a great deal of ridicule for courageously speaking out and standing up for what he believes in. It would be ‘The Biggest Shame’, if his efforts and work were to be overtaken and used by the very forces he seeks to expose.

From The Truth Campaign issue 15

I believed that he was educated and insightful when I read his first book and had no idea that the information that grabbed me had been taken lock stock and barrel from others. I thought David was special because he was ‘in tune’ and because he reprinted his own and others’ psychic messages about him and what is going on in the world.

When he released his second book, I accepted his word when he said he was in almost daily communication with ascended masters, Jesus Christ, Rkaorski, Saint Germain etc. But I know better now.

I accepted that his – what I would have judged otherwise – intolerable behavior of flaunting his pregnant girlfriend in the face of his wife and expecting her to accept it because if she didn’t she didn’t understand unconditional love. I know better now.

I accepted and was stunned by the conspiracy material in Robot’s Rebellion. I thought his observations and witticisms were profound. That is, until I read Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper which was where most of what I considered astute observations had been taken from, despite David saying directly that he had come up with, for example renaming the Protocols of the Elders of Zion the Illuminati Protocols to get away from the anti-Semitic tag. I know better now. I also know that half of Robot’s is erroneous, even Cooper himself stated that the alien agenda was a fake and he had been used as an unwitting dupe to perpetuate it.

And …and the truth was – and still is in my opinion – one of the best conspiracy books ever written. But I know better now to understand that the alien links are erroneous, and that it is merely a collation of other people’s work, some of whom were not credited. I know now that when David makes a profound statement, or a good witticism, it is most probably directly from someone else, who deserves the praise for it – and the dollars.

I accepted that he published a book called Lifting The Veil, shortly after I gave him a copy of my own book called Lifting the Veil.  And on up to 1996, even when I was beginning to hear from various people who were consistently telling me that they had provided information for David, but were surprised at his lack of gratitude, I thought, ‘ah well he’s a busy man and at the forefront of waking people up.‘  And when people started telling me that Icke was brash and rude when not in the public eye, that he was egocentric and behaved like he really expected people to see him as a very important person, I thought they were just misreading a very talented and intelligent man whose spirituality was deep, and that he needed his style and ego to enable him to carry on and get into the limelight, and into the faces of those who needed to know such important truth.

But in September 1996, I was with a number of friends of David and Linda Icke – who had been involved in helping him with his work. Even they didn’t like him personally, found him rude, but believed the ‘work’ transcended any personal feelings. They introduced me to Linda. The very first thing she said to me was ‘David isn’t the man you see on stage. He doesn’t walk his talk.’ During the day she told me that she believed he was mixing with a crowd that were planting disinformation, and he was vulnerable to it because they were sycophantic type women. She told me that David had admitted having ego problems but felt he was over them, and asked Linda to tell him if she saw him going down the ‘ego road again’.

She said she tried, but he wasn’t receptive – he was too concerned with breaking America and his ego had been boosted by the success of …and the truth.

I STILL saw David as ‘the man’ for the job, but by then I had a very different view of him personally. I felt sorry for Linda being treated like a doormat. I realized that Icke had a very distorted opinion of himself, and that this delusion made him vulnerable to his naive view of the material he was writing. I began to agree with those people I now knew, who had been involved with David from the early days, who almost to a person said they couldn’t stand the man personally, did not like his company, but believed he was the best person for the job.

But then, at that time, we all thought he was a very clever man with amazing powers of observation, and that the material he was writing was essentially the truth.

So I started to help him out by sending information. I introduced him to the topic of satanic organizations, I introduced him to the first satanic cult mind control victim, I provided the first health-related material for his then David Icke/Bridge of Love newsletter – 2 of which he put his own name to! I felt confident he would do the research and wasn’t afraid of breaking it into wider consciousness. I had no idea he would make such a pig’s ear of the occult-related information and end up being the instigator of one of the biggest mythologies of our age – the reptilian aliens – and that he would demonize so much that provides the very keys of understanding Creation and the way things are created by the astral level of consciousness, which is controlled by the very forces operating through satanists and Illuminists, religions etc.  I didn’t expect him to become the vehicle by which they could introduce a mass psychomemetic virus into the consciousness of those beginning to wake up. And they achieved this quite easily because David Icke was seen by so many as an intelligent, astute, spiritual, nice, trustworthy, discerning and scholarly and special kind of person.

When he came up to meet Patti – the cult victim – I was really beginning to lose the veil I had with David. But the work was important. I saw first hand what those people meant by him being rude. The way he blanked Shona trying to tell him some important information about the occult (she knew a lot about it – Icke didn’t, but he just talked her down). And when he waltzed into my house and sat down without invitation then swiped my cat off the arm of the chair without a blink, I realized that he wasn’t spiritual at all. All that unconditional love stuff is a front. He knows how to sell himself and make people fawn for his material, but when his act ends, the guy is in my view just a rude, arrogant, egomaniac who is struggling with his own masks and trying to convince himself that he’s very special. That cat had more true spirituality in its paw than Icke has in his entire body.

So I stopped defending Icke, but I still promoted his work. Until The Biggest Secret, that is, when I had really started investigating the references, and the subjects in earnest, and found so many errors, and so much ignorance of the subjects on his part that I could no longer ignore it. But having tried to inform him and getting no feedback, but genuinely fearing for his welfare at the hands of organized disinformationists, I posted my concerns on his forum. The rest is history – I became unceremoniously ‘dumped’ in public for saying things on an uncensored forum of ‘the most controversial author and speaker in the world’. And never once did he address any of my concerns or correct errors in his research.

Yes, he corrected a typo. is that a major point you are making? Please consider it in context.

From ‘buy the Truth Campaign, the magazine that tells it like it is’. Suddenly it was nothing, and I was a disinformationist attacking Icke and his work for no discernible reason. He plastered every page of his forum with his total disassociation with me and his site still bears The Truth About The Truth Campaign. Despite informing him that he had misunderstood certain comments that I had made, and had been listening to people who were clearly part of an agenda to create turmoil on the board, discredit me and cause friction between the 2 of us (even the forum moderator told me that because she had access to the board data and knew that people were using multiple handles and playing games), he chose to take the position of self-righteous indignation and personal offense. Hypocrite!  How can a man who discredits individuals at the drop of a hat, says he speaks for truth, encourages people to ‘just say it’ when they feel they have important things to say, tells everyone to listen to contrasting opinions, and who openly writes frankly about his personal life choose to be offended by and refuse to listen to conflicting opinions and actively censor an uncensored platform?

But when I saw his words about me and The Truth Campaign, I saw just how manipulative and calculated a disinformationist he was. And how cruel – cold and heartless. And I have seen much more of that since.

Additionally, I was now getting masses of mail and calls about reptilians. I was witnessing the unfolding of the damage his half-researched and erroneous material was having on people. People were one step from the mental hospital – they were in fear, depressed, feeling helpless, and some had started hallucinating, hearing hissing voices and being convinced the reps were everywhere, from their friends and family to hiding in the house. I had to spend quite a bit of time with some to help them through their delusions and happily, it was successful. But I can’t be there for everyone.

At that time I was quite saddened but very very angry. Angry that I had labored under an illusion for so long, and furious that he would behave so dishonestly and against everything he publicly projects onto others. I’d needed to experience it first hand to break the last of the spell.  But over the years I have heard from numerous sources how this kind of behavior is nothing new. It’s a common theme that I hear – such as the opinions of Jordan Maxwell and others who claim he has taken and given nothing and unceremoniously dumped them when they were no longer useful.

But I still sent him free copies of my magazine. And I saw his style shift slightly towards that in my own work and in the magazine. Our articles about the illusory nature of reality, the non-physical nature of the ‘reptilians’ and their illusory nature started creeping into his work. He started contradicting himself and seemed to be finding it difficult to correlate a cogent definition of what the reptilians were. After exposing the fake ET agenda in my magazine, I noticed he wasn’t giving space to ET reptiles any more. But never once did he ever say he was mistaken. He just steamrolls ahead, changing his mind about things and gradually moving from one interpretation to another via a process of contradictions. Things he used to mock others for, he later accepts.

Now he is grossly misrepresenting quantum physics (what the bleep style) and using fiction such as the Matrix to try and convince people that everything is an illusion and that our beliefs create reality. I see people really starting to dissociate into way out cult consciousness with this new approach. And getting people to dissociate from reality is EXACTLY what the Illuminists are trying to achieve. There ARE rules and laws of physics that exist with or without our observations. To tell you that science has proved otherwise is nonsense. Again, he clearly has a very shallow understanding of that material if he believes that science is proving these things. To create a current dissociated religious cultic mindset, you have to keep it up to date, so you create modern interpretations, exciting sounding quantum theories, tales of spaceships and ETs etc. to do it. In ancient times it was the same – they created Christianity by simply rewriting it according to modern references.  If they’d had technology then, Jesus would have been brought into Jerusalem in a car or even ascended in a spaceship, rather than on a donkey and in a supernatural format.

Mitch, you remind me of me when I didn’t know most of the above, before I heard of the low esteem that others in the ‘circuit’ have for him, his research and his integrity. The biggest fans of Icke are those who read his books and attend his lectures, who usually have less than the requisite information to judge his material and who don’t realize that most of the material was researched by others and collated by David. But those who do that research tend not to agree with his interpretations of their work. They enjoy the new found attention for a while and say nothing about it, but in my experiences, those who communicate with me personally do not speak out about their concerns for fear of causing a distraction to ‘the cause.’

Oh you can’t criticize the man as he’s on our side – an ally. I have seen that position change a number of times once they get the inevitable Icke brush off.

To me, Icke bears all of the main attributes of a cult leader. I am of the opinion that ALL who open themselves to guidance from external forces are being manipulated by the unseen archons that influence religion, control the Illuminists, Masons, cults, New age channellers, prophets etc. they are astral souls who did not ascend to Source and are stuck in the astral heavens that they themselves created by their misperceptions whilst alive. They see themselves as ascended masters and guides and are trying to program humanity via their influence through the auric field, by pre-programming souls to reincarnate into new born souls, all with the intention of creating their heaven on earth. They create gurus and messiahs and prophets – and these people then program others by dint of their cult of personality.  Many are absolutely genuine and don’t realize that spirituality comes from within, even though they continually tell people it does.

They lose self-awareness and become convinced they are on a mission to save others, or they cannot ignore the drive to preach to others what is being fed to them from ‘beyond’. The more they heed the voices and the more mystical experiences they have, the more they open up. And their drive is male intellectual energy. It isn’t felt within, it doesn’t come from their spirit, it is downloaded and repeated. Their veil of perception makes them see only what the controllers want them to see. They filter what goes in and then spew it out as a distortion of reality. They don’t sympathize or empathize with others, they intellectualize and create rules and regulations and interpretations to explain things to others. They believe they have a gift and become impermeable to criticism, finding reinforcement of their opinions by others who parrot back the same misperceptions to them, and they couldn’t care about those who disagree.

The effect that has on followers is submission, and they too get infected by the same consciousness. Cult members are usually replications of characteristics of their idols. But you disrespect their guru and often you see a radical shift, from parroting the usual ‘love’ to venomous attacks on the critic. They become less penetrable to reason and more faithful to the idol, as they see the criticism as proof that the idol is right, and need to protect them from the heretical critic. They look down on the critic, sometimes hate the critic, and ignore however much reasonable information the critic provides in his case. They invent and assume things about the critic, because they are not ready to accept that perhaps the critic is honestly reasonable.

And having communicated with hundreds and hundreds of Icke fans over the last 15 years, as well as cult followers of many variations, I personally see the same psychic traits in many of them. The same denials, and the same patterns developing.

This is why I have been outspoken about Icke. I think people need to know that there are forces at work that control the minds of people on this planet that are largely unrecognized. They play sides against each other, create distractions, and even create belief systems that address their very existence, but divert and distort it so much that they have a net for virtually everyone to fall into. They set patterns of thinking in your mind via key personalities, and this creates a veil that filters perception. By the end of your life you end up in a loop of recycling your soul between their ‘heaven’ and this planet. They want your soul, that’s all.

When Icke hears voices, when he accepts that ‘they’ have chosen him for a special task – it cannot be coming from within – from Source. That experience is different – no voices, no face to face with God, or masters, no alien experiences or ‘trips’ or angelic encounters. That is ALL coming from the astral sphere in which previous PEOPLE have chosen to become guides, angels, ETs, teachers, to guide people through life and into what they on earth viewed was the TRUTH. But if they knew the truth, they would never have ended up in that state.

Icke’s Matrix is real. But Icke’s portrayal of it and understanding of it is like a naive child’s. He has no depth of understanding and insufficient experience in the field. His veil is strong, and his influence great – because he connects his ignorant level of energy with others of ignorance and the energy is transferred, auric field breached, and controllers plugged in.

You yourself spoke of feeling the flow at his meetings. Me too – I had to leave the room at one of his lectures because something was desperately trying to force its way into me. But because I know what is going on, I defend myself – whereas 99.99% of people on this planet have no idea what is going on. Icke is one of them – he gets flashes of it but they always steer those into their own propaganda. They get in first with people like Icke, so that anyone revealing the truth of it will fall on deaf ears, on those that have already believed they have the answer and have already plugged into their astral reality, and have already reinforced the Veil of perception.

Mitch, you appear to be suggesting an ulterior motive for my posting at this time. It is synchronicity that things have become heated here against Icke.  I came to network a new health article. 2 days later I read of the issue occurring with Icke removing his association with this forum. I saw a lot of anger and criticism – and I saw a few minds starting to realize that there is a different side to Icke that they hadn’t appreciated. Then I got an email advertising the latest newsletter and I decided to post my views on his incessant references to Semiramis. Following that, I did start adding my experiences with Icke to the thread, because I believe people deserve to know and it helps give context and perspective.

I am not here to tell anyone to believe me, I am exercising my right to have my say. I am doing what I believe is right, because I am passionately concerned that in general icke readers tend to get a distorted picture of life through the Icke lens, and they deserve to know that there are other interpretations, as well as errors in his material. Fortunately, I have studied many of these topics and can hopefully shed a bit more light. It is up to people to interpret what I say in whatever way they wish.

From the feedback here, it would appear that many people are glad to have some of the information because it makes sense to them. Others will undoubtedly question my motivation – that always happens, as does the conspiracy theories and the trolling and flaming, wherever I post, it follows.

All I have to say is that everything I have posted is done with the best of intentions and is true to the best of my knowledge.

I am not trying to stop people reading Icke, liking Icke, or anything else. I just believe that the more information we have, the more reasonably we can make our choices in life.

I call a spade a spade – Icke calls hundreds of people publicly and makes money out of it. Icke exposes what he considers to be charlatans, and so do I – and I think Icke is one, and I presented my case. You don’t have to accept it. And naturally, you probably are thinking the same or similar about me. And although such things sadden me, I understand and accept the consequences.  All I can do is tell it the way I see it – and have the courtesy to put a lot of time and effort into it, rather than a few loaded one liners.

If you would have the courtesy to provide me with further references for the Australian Annannu, I will check it out. But as I alluded to earlier, I’m finding it tough going at the moment, so would like to have some time away from the forum.

Arizona Wilder’s story appeals to a certain strain of New Age folks who no longer subscribe to the notion that Satan and God are locked in battle for our souls, but still want to believe there’s a Really Really Bad Guy (someone else) and a Really Really Good Guy (themselves) locked in battle for cosmic order. In the case of Ms. Wilder, the Really Really Bad Guys were holographic, interdimensional lizard people from Mars and their half-human spawn.

Today, Wilder goes by her married name, Jennifer Kealey, and contends that the same people who subjected her to mind control programming and ritualistic abuse in her childhood manipulated her into telling stories about lizard people. In short, she has retracted just about everything you’re about to read.

Wilder was introduced to the world in 1999 by David Icke, the world’s foremost expert on holographic interdimensional lizard people from Mars (or Reptilians, as he calls them), via a video interview titled Revelations of a Mother Goddess. Icke has never actually met a Reptilian, but in the ’90s, strangers began to approach him with terrifying stories of Reptilian encounters. One woman even watched her boyfriend morph into a lizardman mid-coitus. (1) Though not one authentic photograph or video of a Reptilian has surfaced in the nearly 20 years since Icke first started hearing about them, this hasn’t stopped him from turning the Reptilian overlords into the foundation stone of his Temple of Crazy. He has mentioned them at great length in every book he has written since 1998’s The Biggest Secret (the big secret, of course, being that we are controlled by lizard-human hybrids who worship Satan, drink human blood, and walk among us as ordinary-looking bank managers).

Icke has never adequately explained the need for all this subterfuge. If these lizards are so badass, I say they should openly declare their ownership of the planet and be done with it.

At the time Icke conducted his videotaped interview with Arizona Wilder, she was a fortyish American woman who claimed to have been a high priestess of the Satanic Illuminati Lizard people cult for much of her life. With all the emotion of a cashier repeating your order through a fast-food intercom, Wilder explained to us how she was raised up and mentally scrambled by the most evil bastards you can possibly imagine, including Dr. Josef Mengele (déjà vu and déjà vu again, right?).

How to Become a Satanic Illuminati Priestess Without Really Trying

Arizona, born Jennifer Ann Nagel, told Icke she was prenatally selected to become an Illuminati priestess, also known as a Mother Goddess or Starfire. The Illuminati is obsessed with bloodlines, and Jennifer apparently had all the markers of a perfect specimen. In addition to her genetic profile, the Illuminati was impressed with her psychic abilities. She doesn’t explain how these were detected in utero.

Some online articles on Wilder mention that she has sisters. Wilder herself didn’t talk about them at that time. She said she didn’t know who her real father was; she only knew he couldn’t be the man who called himself her father, because he came from an “impure bloodline”. Arizona hasn’t divulged her precise heritage, but she identifies herself as Aryan and says she dies her fair hair to keep the Illuminati away from her. Paradoxically, she also hints that her maternal ancestry involves the Rothschilds. You’ll be seeing many such contradictions in her story.

Jennifer had a seemingly normal upbringing in California, raised by her birth mother and a man she identified as her stepfather. Both of the Nagels were elementary school teachers.

Her memories of Satanic Reptilians were “recovered” during adult psychotherapy, like Lauren Stratford’s “memories”. In 1989, she realized her past contained large amounts of missing time. Gradually, over the course of a decade (1989-’99), she “recovered” memories of sexual abuse by her stepfather, mind control programming, and ritual abuse. She realized that her parents had been forced to move to California in her infancy so she could begin training as a high priestess in the Illuminati, which practices “Satanism” (basically Druidic Paganism with human sacrifice). California, she explained to Icke, is the international headquarters of the High Council. So far, her story jives fairly well with those of Mike Warnke and John Todd, who also identified California as the hub of a national Satanic network.

Trauma-based mind control was used to “compartmentalize” young Jennifer with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). She was subjected to electroshock, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, and more sophisticated forms of mind control, including tri-tonal frequencies somewhat resembling Robert Monroe’s patented Hemi-Sync process. The programming was sometimes combined with elements of ancient Druidic rituals. Most of it was conducted on military bases, primarily China Lake Naval Base in the California desert. This particular locale was probably not a random choice on Wilder’s part; as mentioned in the Mengele section of the last post, in 1995 a woman named Chris Denicola told the Presidential Commission on Radiation that she had been subjected to torture and mind control programming by a Dr. Greene at China Lake in the ’60s and ’70s.

Wilder’s primary programmer was Josef Mengele, whom she (and numerous other government mind control victims) claim was brought into the U.S. under Project Paperclip to conduct horrific psychological experiments on children. “Former Illuminati Satanist” Bill Schnoebelen mentioned this in his Prophecy Club lecture “Exposing the Illuminati from Within” (c. 1996). Mengele made little effort to disguise his physical appearance or his thick German accent, but called himself “Dr. Green”

Dr. Green introduced Jennifer to Illuminati Satanism, taking her to rituals in the U.S., France, and Britain. Her parents didn’t interfere, being Illuminati zombies with Dissociative Identity Disorder themselves. Just in case they did object to her training, though, the Nagels were told their daughter had an IQ of 70 and required special attention. In elementary school, she was repeatedly transferred to different classrooms and seemed to have learning difficulties.

Wilder doesn’t speak much about her alter personalities, and she hasn’t made it clear if she is now integrated, or still suffers DID. In a 2001 presentation, she described one alter named “Alice in the Gray Place”, an artefact of Alice in Wonderland programming (according to Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, many levels of government mind control are based on popular children’s books and movies, The Wizard of Oz being particularly favored by the Illuminati).

Various groups within the Illuminati system schooled Jennifer in history, the paranormal arts, and ritual magic. She was taken to an underground military installation beneath Area 51 to meet cloned cyborg dolphin-alien hybrids known as cybers, as well as real aliens. At another military base, she was taught to communicate with dolphins, for some reason. At UCLA she was part of the parapsychological research conducted by Dr. Thelma Moss (in which Dr. Louis Jolyon West participated, she said). The Janus Group taught her how to psychically murder. When she was five years old, she was taken to Leningrad for psychic experiments jointly conducted by Soviet scientists and the KGB. The Soviets subjected young Jennifer to near-drowning in icewater on three separate occasions to induce Near Death Experiences, as part of their research. The Mothers of Darkness (a fictional witch coven described in Fritz Springmeier’s books) taught her that the Aryans came to Earth from Mars about 6000 years ago, after Mars was invaded by Reptilian aliens. The Reptilians followed them 2000 years later, masquerading as gods to fool humans into obeying them. By interbreeding with select Aryans, the Reptilians created an elite bloodline that persists to this day. Though they appear wholly human, they’re actually holographic projections surrounding 7′-12′ tall, bipedal lizards who can bip in and out of other dimensions at will. These alien-human hybrids maintain their human shape most of the time, but when exposed to human blood they go crazy and begin to lose control over their holographic projections, morphing into their lizard manifestations. Wilder and Icke referred to this as “shapeshifting”. Never trust a lizard, folks.

Everything you always wanted to know about holographic interdimensional lizard sex

According to Icke and other researchers, the Reptilians don’t possess many human emotions, but they do have an innate urge to worship Satan (this is more than a bit odd, if they’re the ones who invented all the pre-Judaic religions in the first place). Furthermore, they need humans to conduct their Satanic rituals, because they do not possess psychic abilities. And apparently you have to be psychic to worship the Devil in the appropriate manner. This is where Jennifer and her fellow “Mothers of Darkness” come in. It was Jennifer’s job, as an Illuminati high priestess, to stand within a hexagram, a pentagram, and a triangle drawn on the ground and summon the evil “Old Ones”, ancient Reptilians from another dimension. As Wilder describes it, this Reptilian religion is something like ancestor worship crossed with Paganism crossed with a B movie.

Hers was an exalted position within the Illuminati. At any given time, there are only three Mother Goddesses in the entire world, which brings to mind Cisco Wheeler‘s bizarre rant about three “Mothers of Darkness” who will someday “rule and reign with the antichrist as his queen when he takes his throne”. But Mother Goddesses, for some reason, have a limited shelf life. By tradition, they are slaughtered and replaced by their own daughters when they reach the age of 52. Wilder escaped this fate only because she began to recover her repressed memories in her forties. She doesn’t mention offing her own mother, so I guess we can assume that Mrs. Nagel simply wasn’t Mother Goddess material.

The alternate title for Mother Goddesses, “Starfire”, is a reference to menstrual blood. In The Biggest Secret, Icke calls it the “female lunar essence”, treasured by the ancients. Virgin priestesses offered it up to the elite as a life-prolonging “nectar of the gods” (ew, right?). He tells us the word “ritual” derives from this practice, as ritu means “red” in some ancient language or other. To the Reptilians, however, this is more than just a ritual practice. Icke tells us, “Drinking menstrual blood has always been a feature of the reptilian bloodlines because they need blood to live in this dimension.” Without it, they cannot hold their human shape. (1, 295)
This starfire gibberish came from the late Laurence Gardner, who first wrote about it in a series of Nexus magazine articles in 1998. I tried to find out if there was one iota of truth to it. In short: No, menstrual blood was not revered by our ancestors. In fact, people throughout the ages have found it pretty icky, even ritually unclean, and have done their best to avoid contact with it by any means necessary.

Reptilians sacrifice all their firstborn children as well as many other victims. Among these are children bred specifically for sacrifice. This “breeder” meme began with the very first account of Satanic ritual abuse, Michelle Remembers, in 1980. In 1988, Lauren Stratford became the first former Satanist to claim status as a “breeder” when she wrote about her recovered memories of bearing three children by her Devil-worshiping controller, Victor, between the ages of nineteen and twenty (yes, you read that correctly). Two of the infants were killed in snuff films, and the third (as she emotionally told Geraldo) was sacrificed on a Satanic altar.

Jennifer presided over many hideous blood rituals that turned the lizard men and women into ravenous, blood-swilling beasts. The faintest whiff of blood excites them tremendously. They’re addicted to it. After drinking their victims’ blood, they eviscerate the bodies and consume choice parts of their flesh. These lizard bacchanalias are usually held on Druidic holidays.

Because these atrocities were committed by her alters, Jennifer had no conscious recollection of them until entering therapy in 1989. As early as 1990, however, she began speaking out against the New World Order. She attracted the attention of Brian Desborough, a conspiranoid who claims to assist survivors of mind control. It may have been Desborough who brought Wilder to the attention of David Icke.

Unlike fellow Illuminati escapee Doc Marquis, Wilder doesn’t shy away from naming names. In her interview with Icke, she outed numerous people as Reptilian hybrids, including Mengele, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth II and her mother, Jay Rockefeller, Princess Margaret, Prince Charles, Prince Phillip, “Baron Gita Rothschild” (more on him later), Tony Blair, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Bill and Hillary Clinton (though she did not see Hillary shapeshift), George Bush Sr. and Jr., Jeb Bush, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Newt Gingrich, and Bob Hope. If that last name seems a little out of place, check out the memoirs of Monarch Project survivor Brice Taylor, published the same year Wilder was interviewed by Icke. In fact, all the names on Wilder’s Reptilian list had already been dropped by alleged mind controlled sex slaves.

Weirdly, Wilder also implicated in the Reptilian conspiracy Zecharia Sitchin and Laurance Gardner – the very same man who came up with the starfire silliness. Between 1996 and his death in 2010, Gardner wrote several books detailing a hypothetical “dragon bloodline” (the Holy Grail) that began in ancient Sumer when Reptilian aliens called the Anunnaki genetically engineered a hybrid race. The late Sitchin wrote a long string of “nonfiction” books about a race of humanoid aliens who visited Earth from a tenth planet in our solar system, Nibiru, and masqueraded as the gods of ancient Sumer.

At rituals, Wilder said, Sitchin boasted about “getting rid” of people who interfered with his work. At this point in the interview, Icke revealed that Sitchin once warned him away from investigating the Reptilian presence on Earth. It’s entirely possible that Sitchin did do this, as he does not subscribe to the Reptilian theories of the Annunaki/Nephilim aliens. In fact, he describes those aliens as essentially human in appearance. We could view this as a friendly warning from one crackpot to another, but Icke apparently views it as part of the lizard conspiracy. Just how much he and/or Brian Desborough influenced Arizona Wilder is open to question. At the time of the Icke interview, Wilder was also being accompanied and supported by a mysterious woman known only as “Miss Pinky”. Just what role she played in the whole thing is unclear.

Wilder went on to explain that the Reptilians had been pursuing the Aryan peoples around the universe for millennia in order to harvest their blood. The blood of the white race was particularly important to them for some reason (though blood is basically blood, no matter which race it is drawn from), and the blond-haired, blue-eyed variety was the one they wanted more than any other. How is it, then, that almost none of the individuals she saw at rituals fit into this genetic category? Do Reptilians just really, really suck at eugenics?

Wilder knew the Illuminati worked in concert with Reptilians and their hybrid offspring to dominate the world, but she was only sometimes privy to Illuminati plots. Her job was simply to summon the Old Ones and preside over rituals. But on one occasion, at Balmoral Castle, she overheard the Queen of England talking to an Arab-looking man she knew only as Fayed. They were discussing a marriage between Princess Diana – who was still married to Prince Charles at the time – and Fayed’s son, Dodi.

This fits in perfectly with David Icke’s theory of Diana’s death. He believes she was groomed even before her birth to be a Dianic sacrifice. Everything, from the timing of her birth to the site of her “car accident”, was painstakingly arranged by the Illuminati in accordance with ancient ritual protocol. Nothing could be left to chance.

Wilder said that the present head of the Illuminati is not a Rothschild, as former members John Todd, Bill Schnoebelen and Doc Marquis told us. It is actually a Reptilian-human hybrid known as Pindar, or the Marquis de Libeaux (this has been disputed by Illuminati-watchers like Stewart Swerdlow of Montauk Experiment fame, who insist a Rothschild is still top dog).
According to Wilder, Pindar in his Reptilian form is so terrifying that even the Queen Mum quailed before him. His name means “Penis of the Dragon”, and his personal totem is a golden phallus.

Pindar runs a sort of one-man Lebensborn, impregnating as many Aryan women as possible to perpetuate his glorious bloodline. He is the real father of Prince Charles, and perhaps William as well. You might remember him from my post on Dr. Bill Deagle (he thrice offered to make Dr. D. his second-in-command as Ruler of the World).

Not much else is known about this guy. Icke, in The Biggest Secret, says he lives in a chateau somewhere in the Alsace-Lorraine region.
Pindar may be The Man right now, but conspiracy researcher Don Croft assures us that a team of psychics and telepathic dolphins are deploying thought waves against him. So stay tuned.

Update (July 10/12): The origins of this “Pindar” fellow have long eluded me. The Greek poet of that name doesn’t appear to have had the lizardy characteristics of a “hybrid”, so the adoption of his name by the Illuminati’s Grand Poobah didn’t make much sense. “Pindar” had to possess some other significance, because everything has significance in Illuminati conspiracy tales.

Today, quite by accident, I found what I believe to be the inspiration for the “Marquis” described by Wilder and the “ruler of the world” who tried to entice Dr. Deagle into becoming his Igor. And just as Icke ominously intones in the opening scene of Revelations of a Mother Goddess, the City of London really is the centre of Pindar’s domain.

It’s a freaking underground bunker.

In 1984, the Ministry of Defence at Whitehall began constructing an underground “citadel” (the MoD’s fancy word for bunker) to serve as a crisis management and communications centre between MoD headquarters and the centre of military operations, the Permanent Joint Headquarters (the citadel’s tunnel system is also reportedly connected to Downing Street) .The Whitehall citadel wasn’t fully completed until 1994.

And guess what the MoD named it? PINDAR. Not after a French lizardman, but after the story of Pindar the Poet’s house being the only one intact after Alexander’s forces ravaged Thebes in 335 BC.

Note the dates. PINDAR was completed in 1994, and there was much grumbling and moaning about the expense of the thing throughout London (the tunnels themselves may be “secret”, but the project was not). Five years later, a mysterious reptile man with the name “Pindar” pops up in testimony provided to David Icke – a guy who already believed London to be the hub of the NWO conspiracy.

“But they clearly named their bunker after Pindar!”, you might say. Well, that seems a day late and a dollar short, don’t you think? The guy had already been the ruler of the world for years by the time they got around to naming something after him… and they chose a bunker?

It’s the other way around, of course. Icke and/or Wilder were suspicious of the PINDAR bunker/tunnel system, and decided it must be named for someone very important to the lizardpeople. Like, maybe a shadowy Frenchman who doesn’t use his real name and can’t be tracked down?

Wilder perhaps had several children by Pindar (the lizard, not the bunker). She says a “Dr. Barrington” (“Baron Gita Rothschild” in disguise) harvested her eggs several times and fertilized them with Pindar’s sperm. It should be noted that none of the Barons Rothschild has had the name or nickname Gita. The only Gita Rothschild is an American attorney. She is not, and has never been, a physician. Also, she is not actually a Rothschild. She was once married to a Rothschild.

This problem of imaginary Rothschilds is not unique to Arizona Wilder. As noted in the previous post, at least one of Doug Riggs’s parishioners believes he is the illegitimate spawn of a European Rothschild who doesn’t seem to exist.

Though in vitro fertilization is sometimes used to create hybrids, Reptilians are perfectly capable of procreating with humans in the conventional manner. For instance, Camilla Parker-Bowles bore a child by Prince Charles in the late ’70s. It was ritually sacrificed.
Reptilian females menstruate normally, sometimes even during pregnancy. They must have to fight the urge to shapeshift continuously.

In 1989, Wilder was married to a man named Greene and had two children by him, a son and a daughter. This was when her recurrent bouts of depression and flashbacks of incestuous abuse began to trouble her, and she announced to her parents that she was entering therapy. She says they strongly discouraged her from doing so, telling her that nothing could be gained from digging into her past.
She has not divulged the name of her first therapist. She identifies him/her as a psychiatrist who ran a program for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. She chose this psychiatrist because she had heard him/her on a radio program, discussing his/her use of sodium amytal to assist his/her patients in the recovery of repressed memories. All sessions were video and audio taped. Later, she concluded that the Illuminati somehow manipulated her into consulting this particular doctor so that he/she could help the mind controllers gain further access to her brain.

She maintains that she was not led, influenced, or coerced during these interviews. She believes the information obtained was accurate. In a 2001 presentation, she also mentioned being in therapy with an internationally recognized therapist who specialized in treating victims of ritual abuse and mind control. (2) Whether this is the same man who administered the sodium amytal or not, we simply don’t know. It’s interesting that one well-known psychiatrist of the early ’90s, Dr. Bennett Braun, used sodium amytal, specialized in MPD/DID treatment, and helped patients “recover” repressed memories of Satanic ritual abuse.

When Jennifer’s parents learned from their son-in-law that Jennifer was describing ritualistic abuse during her therapy sessions, they relocated to another state and joined the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

The Greenes divorced sometime in the early ’90s. Jennifer claims her ex-husband had become physically and emotionally abusive, yet was granted full custody of both children. As documented in an article by Desborough, Wilder spun a whole web of conspiracies around the custody battle – murder, intimidation, you name it.

By this time, she was convinced that her children were also being subjected to ritual abuse.

Sometime during her lizard years, Wilder found the time to earn a nursing degree, and has worked as a nurse, on and off, since that time. In 1991, at her own request, she was placed on federal disability due to the effects of Satanic harassment, namely Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. The harassment included not only menacing phone calls, but multiple instances of abduction, drugging, and electroconvulsive shock. She was often followed by strangers in Naval Intelligence vehicles. Wilder was also impregnated on three occasions by “unknown means”.

In her 2001 presentation, Wilder explained that she used journaling and artwork as part of her therapy and “memory retrieval” process. This is commonly heard from SRA survivors.

She appears much more animated and expressive in this presentation than in the Icke interview. She doesn’t hesitate as frequently. And most significantly, none of her graphic artwork (all done prior to 1995) features any hint of lizards, lizardmen, or anything vaguely reptilian. It does feature Soviet scientists, ghoulish-looking occultists, dolphins, and lots of other non-lizardy things. She pointed out that a woman depicted in one drawing had “slit pupils”, and explained that there was blood dripping from her hands and face because she had just consumed human blood.

Gradually, she got into the Reptilian material. She described seeing small, pet dragons in the dungeon of Pindar’s home in Alsace-Lorraine, and mentioned that she had shared this information with Icke. We can only assume that even Icke didn’t find this credible enough to include in Revelations of a Mother Goddess, because there’s absolutely nothing about tiny pet dragons in there. (2)

Some of Arizona’s weirder claims

Let’s be honest, here: This is all batsh#! insane. But a few things Arizona told Icke are just a shade battier than the rest of it.

She was introduced to Hitler in 1960. She gives few details of this encounter, and Icke is curiously uninterested. I guess once you meet Mengele and conduct Satanic rituals for lizardpeople from Mars, running into Hitler 15 years after his death isn’t really a big thing.
People with DID are “drug-resistant”; drugs have no effect on certain alters. Never mind that they share the same bloodstream, and an overdose would kill them all.

Like all DID slaves, she has a photographic memory. This is the same claim made by the first Monarch Project survivor, Cathy O’Brien, in 1995. Wilder’s eidetic memory is not at all evident in the Icke interview. At one point, she can’t recall the name of the French president who succeeded Charles de Gaulle, even though she supposedly saw him at Satanic rituals. And one of the most famous galleries on the planet is named after him. Desborough explains this: “The reason for her memory lapses is that mind-controlled victims who are programmed to serve as intelligence couriers are subjected to a surgical procedure known as “brain-stem scarring”, which permits certain alter-personalities to receive a photographic memory. For obvious reasons, the front alter is never programmed to have such a photographic memory. Since Ms. Wilder’s alters which possess such a memory capability were never accessed during the interview, (which would have required knowledge of the appropriate access code) she was unable to recall certain topics.”
The royal lizards revert to their Reptilian shapes when they fall asleep. As pointed out in a Trash City.org article on Wilder, this probably would have caught the attention of Prince Charles’s bunkmates at boarding school and in the military.
The Ark of the Covenant is under the control of the Illuminati, secreted in Egypt. Ark mock-ups are used in a certain Illuminati ritual. (2)

In the four years after Revelevations of a Mother Goddess was released, Wilder gave a few presentations at New Age/conspiracy gatherings and was interviewed by conspiranoid radio hosts on several occasions. She is one of the very few people in this series who has not wholly embraced fundamentalist Christianity, but her anti-Pagan stance sets her far apart from the average New Age believer.

Brian Desborough, for one, was disappointed by the public reaction. In a weird and rambling essay about various conspiracies, he wrote that it had been his hope that the “public revelations concerning Illuminati matters provided by former Mother Goddess Arizona Wilder, would have prompted other Illuminati bloodline mind-controlled survivors to go public with their exposes. With one exception, this has not occurred. This is because other survivors who could verify the authenticity of Ms. Wilder’s claims have been deterred by the vile invective directed toward Ms. Wilder on this website [forum] by incredibly ill-informed individuals, who hypocritically end their vitriolic and racist E-Mail messages with the word ‘love’.”

It’s true that not everyone in the lizardpeople-from-Mars conspiracy subculture accepted Wilder’s stories. Some noted she had a hypnotized or drugged look about her in the video, while others simply didn’t find her Satanic blood-orgy tales convincing. One of Icke’s close associates at the time, Ivan Fraser, was openly skeptical about nearly everything she had to say, and felt that Icke had been set up by Illuminati-linked conspirators eager to discredit him. For the most part, however, Icke fans accepted Wilder’s account at face value.

Arizona Today: No More Lizards

In an open letter posted to the blog Silence is Betrayal last June, Jennifer Kealey lays out what she now believes really happened to her. And it does not involve lizards. If Jennifer Nagel wasn’t abused by Mengele, lizards and witches, then what did happen to her?

In her current version of her life story, Jennifer was genetically engineered and assigned to the Nagel family by Dr. Wilder Penfield, the famous neurosurgeon then based at Montreal’s McGill University. Penfield was involved in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, according to Mrs. Kealey.

As part of Penfield’s memory research, he induced multiple personalities in young Jennifer via ritualistic trauma. This trauma included Satanism and alleged sexual abuse by her own father (who, in this version, appears to be her biological dad), and was continued into her adulthood by military officials and a group of Benedictine monks (Catholics play a big role in Satanic conspiracies, as we had already seen in the stories of John Todd and Bill Schnoebelen).

In 1998, she was abducted and subjected to “huge amounts of electric shock by unknown perpetrators (which resulted in a hospitalization)”. Though she didn’t realize it at the time, she was being mentally manipulated in advance of her interview with David Icke, who is part of the Satanic conspiracy network Kealey calls The System. It is now her belief that the unknown perpetrators programmed her with false Reptilian stories and guided her in Icke’s direction, in order to shield The System behind a smokescreen of bizarre disinformation. She doesn’t explain precisely how Icke and the other conspirators got her to regurgitate their Reptilian disinfo, or why she gave a 2001 lecture on the topic outside Icke’s presence. Was she hypnotized, or drugged, or was an alter brought forward?
At any rate, she was at least partly conscious of what occurred during the filming of Revelations of a Mother Goddess, because she explains that prior to the interview, she was instructed by Icke not to gesture with her hands, which seems to account for her wooden demeanor in the video. She was also forced to remove her glasses, so she was not able to see very well.

Kealey maintains that she was being prepared for her lizardpeople disinformation role as early as 1996, and was even programmed to change her name to “Arizona Wilder”, “Wilder” being Dr. Penfield’s first name and Arizona State University being one of the institutions that supposedly carried on his diabolical mind-tampering research.

Earlier this year, I wrote to the administrator of the Silence is Betrayal blog with two questions for Mrs. Kealey:

  1. Mrs. Kealey’s letter indicates that she currently believes The System operates openly, not covertly. Does this mean the Reptilians she spoke about are not part of The System, as they are said to operate in secrecy?
  2. Do you have any information about the psychiatrist who administered sodium amytal to Mrs. Kealey in the ’90s? Is this person still in practice?

Mrs. Kealey responded in an email sent to me on March 20. The body of her message was simply a copy of the open letter itself, with certain passages highlighted. But she had inserted bold, underlined vermilion type into my first question, right after the word “Reptilian”:

“They do not exist.”

After her days on the conspiracy lecture circuit, Wilder had continued to work in the nursing field in spite of continuous harassment and threats on her life. Gradually, she realized that the whole lizard thing was just a cover story fed to her by mind manipulators, and distanced herself from that particular branch of the conspiranoid community. In 2006, she legally changed her name back to Jennifer Nagel.

She now believes that the controlling elite operate openly, without subterfuge, and are planning to stage disasters they will pass off as “acts of God”, killing millions of people in the Northern Hemisphere.

These days, Mrs. Kealey is engaged in a pitched battle with Immigration Canada over her request to immigrate. She wed Canadian conspiracist Glen Kealey in 2008, and wants to join him at his farm in Oxford Mills, Ontario, known to the Kealeys as “Gimle“. They evidently believe Gimle is one of the few places that will survive the destruction of the world.

Kealey is, if possible, an even stranger character than his wife. He promotes something called the “PREMISE” and heads the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity (CIPI). On his website (wordsculptor.net), Kealey is described as an activist, but his stock in trade is conspiracy theories and alternative history. He has some peculiar ideas about how modern man developed, which are more or less in keeping with his wife’s version of history. In a largely incoherent writing titled “Lostory“, Kealey attempts to explain how a “sub-species” (whatever that is) of Neanderthal idiot savants rebelled against the matriarchal clan system of their forebears, migrating from the Horn of Africa to mountainous regions in what is now Kenya and Tanzania.

“There, the Neanderthalers SAVANT parts of their brains were connected to-get-her (war on women) in what would form the world’s first human-Artificial Intelligence military computer.” (emphasis in original)

This Neanderthal “computer” mastered alchemy, astronomy, genetic engineering, artificial insemination and cloning. “With this new found knowledge the Neanderthalers fabricated a new Genetically Engineered race of humans they styled Cro-Magnon…”

Genetically engineering a new species: So easy, cavemen already did it.

This is actually one of the more comprehensible things Mr. Kealey has written, because most of his online communications are written in code, for some reason.

Kealey and Wilder may have been introduced by Joseph Duggan. Duggan is the owner of Strong Eagles Productions, the company that organized David Icke’s Vancouver speaking engagement. According to Public Eye.org, Duggan makes his living in part from organizing B.C. speaking engagements for conspiracy theorists and far-right figures, including Glen Kealey. Kealey and Icke are reportedly on the outs, so it’s likely we won’t be seeing any more Wilder-Icke collaborations for a while. I don’t think I have to point out that this estrangement could explain why Mrs. Kealey has changed her story, do I?

Denied entrance to Canada, Mrs. Kealey relocated to New York, just across the international border from the hobby farm/gate to paradise known as Gimle. She claims she has been denied work since obtaining her New York state nurse’s license in 2010.

Why We Should Probably Not Take Arizona Wilder’s Story at Face Value

If you have to think about that for more than two seconds, please reread the post.

Where’s the Harm?

Sure, it’s silly and clearly a waste of time, but is there any moral hazard in promoting stories about interdimensional Reptilian overlords?

On 27 February 2012, 17-year-old Thomas “T.J.” Lane allegedly walked into his high school cafeteria in Chardon, Ohio, and randomly opened fire on other students, killing three and wounding three others. The motivations for this crime are doubtlessly manifold – among other things, Lane comes from a family with a history of violence – but commentators on the case noted that the troubled young man was fond of David Icke’s work.

While Icke is in no way culpable for this young man’s actions, we must examine the implications of classifying people as human and not-quite-human. Icke has stated that not all Reptilians in the universe are necessarily evil, yet makes it very plain that the ones in charge of Earth are truly awful, remorseless bastards. His personal solution to the situation is “infinite love”. But preaching infinite love isn’t going to stop some lunatic from taking out a person he believes could be a Reptilian child rapist, is it?

And the belief in body-snatching aliens is only growing. After his death in 2009, Anomalist Books published Mac Tonnies’s influential book on the subject, The Cryptoterrestrials. Jay Weidner has since taken up his mantle, warning us about evil-minded Archons. Historian David Jacobs got himself into a hell of a mess with his fear of alien-human hybrids. Diazien Hossencofft is in federal prison for persuading his gullible girlfriend that his ex-wife, an unassuming bank teller named Girly Chew, was a Reptilian priestess who had to be slaughtered. Chew vanished in 1999, the same year Revelations of a Mother Goddess was released.

Then there is the problem of mental health. It should be obvious by this point that the woman formerly known as Arizona Wilder is not all there. I’m not a mental health professional and I certainly don’t know what her specific condition is, but I have little doubt that she could benefit from psychiatric treatment. Instead, she warns other “ritual abuse victims” to stay away from the medical and mental health professionals who could help them, because they are all part of The System. In her open letter of June 2011, she had this to say about her fellow SRA victims: “I knew others who had been ritually abused from birth; brought into this world for a purpose not of their own choosing. They struggled too, and many of them have not been able to mentally and emotionally overcome their past. Some of those that I knew were permanently physically affected. A few took their own life because they could not see forward to their healing. Many were simply labeled as ‘mentally ill’. Again, ‘The System’ is there to receive them and swallow them up, and make them ‘comfortably numb’ and convince them that they did not see, hear, or experience what they in fact, did. Further, they have perpetuated the false idea that one can overcome the situation they are in simply by turning to the very system responsible for the abuse, and as long as the victim assumes the responsibility for their situation, be accepted back into the fold and rebury the perpetrations [sic] and abuse.”

Postscript: Canada’s Response to the Lizards

A peculiar footnote to all this occurred in 2000, when the Jewish Canadian Congress and human rights attorney Richard Warman decided that “holographic, interdimensional lizardpeople from Mars” is probably conspiranoid slang for “Jews”. This is clearly not the case, as Icke always separates his anti-Zionist nonsense from his Reptilian nonsense and honestly believes that lizardpeople run the planet. He has made it plain, many times over, that he despises all religions with equal vitriol. He has even been quoted as explicitly stating the New World Order is not a Jewish plot. (1) (Arizona Wilder, for her part, named WASPs, Jews, Muslims and Catholics as Reptilians, implying that any religion can serve as a cover for Satanism.)

But Warman embarked on a largely successful campaign to bar Icke from speaking engagements in Canada, as chronicled in part two of Jon Ronson’s Channel 4 documentary The Secret Rulers of the World (“David Icke, the Lizards and the Jews”) and in Icke’s book Children of the Matrix. Warman was so outraged by Icke’s portrayal of him that he sued Icke, the publishers, and even a few distributors. He also demanded that the British Columbia Libraries Association remove Children of the Matrix from B.C. libraries (the Association complied at the time to avoid being sued, but 2004 legislation now protects libraries from libel suits related to their collections).

Icke has since gone on speaking tours in Canada, and the whole affair was basically a waste of everyone’s time and attention.

This may or may not have something to do with Jennifer Kealey’s present immigration troubles. Regardless, it doesn’t help that she has publicly admitted to slaughtering dozens of people at the behest of holographic interdimensional lizardpeople from Mars.


1. The Biggest Secret by David Icke (David Icke Books, 2nd edition, 1999)
2. “Bizarre Experiences of a Mind Control Slave”, Arizona Wilder’s presentation at the 2001 Global Sciences Congress in Denver


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