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Weather Manipulation

Weather modification is a worldwide industry with airplanes and ground-based cloud-seeding generators burning chemicals to add more seeds to clouds with the hope that these aerosols will create rain, snow, or even make hail smaller. Billions of dollars are spent each year on this completely unpredictable practice. As the media distributes pro-geoengineering propaganda in a political climate ruled by fear, the Lord’s of Weather (geoengineering lobbyist’s) are suggesting coating our skies with sulfur, aluminum, titanium, and diamond dust to block the sun and cool our planet. While acknowledging that Geoengineering Solar Radiation Management will alter rainfall patterns worldwide and likely kill people, the Lord’s of Weather ignore the cold hard facts: after 60 years of cloud-seeding, nobody has ever produced any proof of its efficacy. Billions of dollars are spent worldwide altering clouds with silver iodide and other chemical nano-particles despite the fact that cloud seeding likely does not work. Even worse, all of the separate cloud seeding programs worldwide could be altering our weather in dangerous ways where the butterfly effects of aggravated clouds destroy property and end lives, even the CIA is worried about weather warfare. Despite numerous lawsuits over weather modification activities, most losses are blamed on “nature” as there is little transparency or accountability. With a cloud-seeding’s terrible track record, how could anyone support geoengineering SRM’s uncontrolled global weather manipulations. To make matters worse, Bill Gate’s geoengineering money is also funding Hurricane Hacking efforts blurring the lines between Geoengineering and Weather Modification.


Geoengineering the sky has been a worldwide phenomenon since the start of commercial aviation. Ships and jet aircraft are covering our skies in man-made clouds. Despite 60 years of jet planes making clouds, aviation-induced cloudiness, persistent contrails, contrail cirrus, and aerosol-cloud interaction are barely understood with today’s best supercomputers and are not properly accounted for in IPCC models. The aviation industry knows this, and jet aircraft-produced contrail cirrus clouds are now being actively experimented on using two main concepts: doping jet fuel with sulfur and cirrus cloud seeding to melt these clouds away. Contrail cirrus clouds trap heat and likely are a greater threat than CO2 so scientists are experimenting with jet biofuels and flight routing to engineer clouds that cool the planet. This active experiment goes on everyday, over your heads, with over 100,000 flights a day worldwide and zero accountability.

With the poor track record and a record of seemingly purposeful weather manipulation for the most damage for political or financial purposes, many have posited that the weather modification program is just another tool of the global elite to control, sicken, and dumb down the masses. By controlling food, you can control people. Weather modification can affect food production and eventually the available supply. Starving resisters out is much more effective than having to track them down and shoot it out with them. If you have not surrendered your weapons, you don’t get a food ration coupon.


(Above) A Presentation by Jim Lee of ClimateViewer News given at the Freedom Force International’s 3rd Congress in Phoenix, Arizona. December 3, 2016. G. Edward Griffin’s “Global Warming: an Inconvenient Lie”

TABLE OF CONTENTS (2:08) Rainmaker Charles Hatfield and the Lake Morena dam failure (2:45) birth of cloud seeding 1946 (3:07) Project Cirrus: first cloud seeding on tropical storm (3:39) Irving P. Krick invents ground-based cloud seeding generator (4:02) map of cloud seeding projects 1952-1965 (4:12) chemtrails 1958 (4:33) US Navy makes clouds with carbon black 1958 (4:55) map of cloud seeding projects 1961-1988 (Project Skywater) (5:43) Space Weather Modification begins (6:11) strontium and barium ion cloud in space (sounding rockets and satellites) (6:51) chemtrail lawsuit 1970 – New Jersey and Illinois sue airline industry over “smoke pollution of the skies” (7:26) WEATHER WARFARE: Operation Popeye (8:57) weather modification reporting laws and forms (1972, 1976) (9:32) WEATHER WARFARE UN BAN: ENMOD 1978 (10:36) why ENMOD has no teeth (10:48) modern cloud seeding and the Blue Gold Rush (Water Wars) (12:15) dept. of homeland security hurricane control (12:59) USAF and USN carbon black weather warfare FOIAs, Owning the Weather, Weather Modification Test Technology Symposium 97 (14:26) cloud ionizers – electric rainmaking (15:10) steering atmospheric rivers (16:27) GEOPHYSICAL WARFARE – Ionospheric Heaters and electromagnetic emissions (17:51) HAARP (20:23) HAARP on a Boat: why the military sold HAARP to the Univ. of Alaska (22:00) GEOENGINEERING, CLIMATE ENGINEERING, AND CLIMATE INTERVENTION (24:00) Bill Gates FICER and funding geoengineering lobbyists (28:48) Artificial Clouds: Ship tracks (29:54) Artificial Clouds: Contrail Cirrus (32:02) Chemtrail terminology and “Accidental Geoengineering” (34:27) EPA hearing (Aug. 2015) on Chemtrails (36:45) Rogue Geoengineering, Clandestine Operations, and ENMOD (37:24) THE SOLUTION: A CITIZEN-POWERED SENSOR NETWORK TO DETECT WEATHER WARFARE AND CLOUD SEEDING RELATED ACTIVITIES THAT LEAD TO INJURY AND A DEMAND FOR GLOBAL TRANSPARENCY IN ATMOSPHERIC EXPERIMENTATION, NOW!

Cloud seeding

Geoengineering / Cloud Seeding / Chemtrails

At an international symposium held in Ghent, Belgium May 28-30, 2010, scientists asserted that,

“manipulation of climate through modification of Cirrus clouds is neither a hoax nor a conspiracy theory.”

It is “fully operational” with a solid sixty-year history. “Cloud seeding” or the making of rain by spraying silver iodide has been admitted to for quite some time.  See The Science Channel documentary “Owning the Weather” (2004).  What is not admitted is the extent to which military and government are employing advanced electromagnetic and other technologies to create and alter weather as we are experiencing it today. Originally devised as a weapon against enemy nations, wartime weather manipulation has been secretly used, and in recent years Senate bills have been continually presented for “experimentation” with what we have all taken for granted as being an indelible part of nature.

Veteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960’s during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time. Livingston explains in the video below how for decades the US government has had the power to both lessen and increase the severity of adverse weather for their own purposes.

Dr. Livingston was assigned in 1966 from the Naval weapons research Laboratory to a marine fighter squadron in Vietnam. Instead of guns, the aircraft under Livingston’s control were fitted with cloud seeding equipment. “My mission was to find clouds and seed them for maximum precipitation value” he stated. Dr. Livingston presents evidence from the Stanford research Institute, who were brought into Project Storm Fury (a weather control program) in the late sixties as a third party, which stated conclusively that knowledge of how to stop hurricanes had been uncovered and that they would be directly liable should a hurricane hit and cause extensive damage and loss of life. Four decades later and Livingston exposes how the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina could have been greatly minimized but was allowed to fully impact Gulf states for political reasons.

Having personally flown on 265 missions into the eyes of hurricanes, Livingston remarks that he was “disgusted” by the failure to lessen the impact of Katrina. Livingston’s revelations that weather control has been a 50-year-plus long program in which the US government has been deeply involved are particularly alarming given the abundant modern-day evidence of how chemtrails are being used to warp our environment in a secret geoengineering plot that threatens a myriad of unknown human health and ecological consequences. Watch his interview below…

Though “hostile” environmental modification was banned by UN Convention in 1978, its “friendly” use today is being hailed as the new savior to climate change and to water and food shortages. The military-industrial complex stands poised to capitalize on controlling the world’s weather.

“In recent years there has been a decline in the support for weather modification research, and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.”- World Meteorological Organization, 2007

Remember the scene from the film Forrest Gump in Vietnam … “And then it rained. It rained and it rained and it rained.”  This was “Project Popeye” — a secret 1960s weather-modification program later exposed by Seymour Hersh of The New York Times.  The US military used cloud seeding to create rain so that enemy roads would become rivers of mud, making them impassable.  Though they denied it for many years, the US Air Force finally admitted to more than 2,600 cloud-seeding flights made during “Popeye.”  Today, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) lists over 50 current experimental weather programs in the US alone — all without any state, federal or public oversight.  Take a look at a research paper written for the US Air Force in 1996, entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.”

The average person doesn’t believe that weather can be artificially engineered — or even “modified.”  For millenia, farmers have endured floods and drought as nature has dealt its hand.  Ancient (and not so ancient) peoples prayed and danced for rain.  We have always thought of weather as something beyond our reach, a force to be reckoned with or grateful for.  Yet it isn’t.  Take a look at some of the patents that have been granted for “stuff” to be sprayed in the air — from rainmaking to cloud-making to a wholesale re-engineering of what lies above the earth.  (See Research Links / Patents).  Weather-modification / mitigation / experimentation bills are put before the Senate every year.  One of these days, it’ll “be time” to run the weather show ourselves — but what’s ominous here is that you and I won’t have a say in what’s decided.  We’re the mice.  It’s not our lab.

Rainmaker Charles Hatfield, in 1915, destroyed much of San Diego.

The only conspiracy surrounding geo-engineering is that most governments and industry refuse to publicly admit what anyone with eyes can see. Peer-reviewed research is available to anyone willing and able to maneuver the labyrinth of scientific journals. So, while there is some disclosure on the topic, full public explanation is lacking. A brief list of confirmed cloud seeding events is produced at bottom, starting in 1915. Going under a variety of names – atmospheric geo-engineering, weather modification, solar radiation management, chemical buffering, cloud seeding, weather force multiplication – toxic aerial spraying is popularly known as chemtrails.

However, this is merely one technique employed to modify weather. The practice of environmental modification is vast and well funded. Dr Vermeeren, of the Delft University of Technology, produced a 300-page scientific report entitled, “CASE ORANGE – Contrail Science, Its Impact on Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted by the United States and Its Allies.” Case Orange notes it was prepared for the Belfort Group by a team of scientists but presented anonymously. It was sent to embassies, news organizations and interested groups around the world “to force public debate.” The report spends some time on HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, [6] which is a military endeavor focused on ionospheric, electromagnetic, and global electrostatic field manipulation, and on other exotic weapon systems that manipulate the environment. While related, they go beyond this discussion of chemtrails.

Case Orange suggests that geo-engineering found new life in the global warming scare. Old patents are being dusted off and private interests stand to make substantial sums now that Cap and Trade has been exposed as ineffective in reducing greenhouse gases. (Although, lawmakers are still considering it since substantial sums can be made from the scheme, to wit: Al Gore reportedly achieved billionaire status from it.) Since 2007, billionaire Bill Gates has spent at least $4.5 million on geo-engineering research. [16] Since reducing emissions is not popular with industry, ‘Plan B’ – geo-engineering – is being touted as the answer to climate change and water shortage.

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Cataclysms like Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Indonesia, the cyclone in Myanmar and flooding in the American Midwest …  The list of such disasters is long, and the question to be asked is were these naturally occurring events?  (Read Michel Chossudovsky’s weather-warfare article here.)  We are being warned of impending natural catastrophes every time we turn on the TV, and the villain is … you guessed it … “man-made global warming,” or in other words we ourselves, you and I, us.  The HAARP facility in Alaska self-defines as “A scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.”

HAARP consists of powerful antennae that send electromagnetic frequencies into the ionosphere.  HAARP is also referred to as a series of “ionospheric heaters.”  Very simply put, causing air currents to rise and fall (by heating them, for instance) already affects weather.  If the spraying of metallic aerosols (that ionize in sunlight) has made our air into a conductive plasma, then it seems as though the tools of weather manipulation have been readied.  Is HAARP a “research” facility or much more?  In this article from, HAARP program manager James Battis explains how HAARP signals knock electrons around in the ionosphere, creating “mini-plasmas.”  (See the DVD “Holes in Heaven” for more on HAARP and our planet.)

Gone are the days of natural wind, snow and rain, clouds … and even sunshine.  The sunlight that reaches us is now filtered through a silvery-white metallic haze, creating glare as never before.  Loss of sunlight (see “Global Dimming” section below) is threatening flora, fauna and all life on earth.  The sun itself shines white.  Gone are the blood-red dawns and sunsets; instead, creeping into our vocabulary are excuses like “pollution” and “haze.”  And, thanks to the global-warming brainwashing machine, this is increasingly accepted as the “price” we must pay for our industry, our progress, and the recklessness of corporations that have desecrated the earth.  If we limit our use of fossil fuels, recycle and develop renewable energy, we’ll be safe.  But how do solar panels work when the sunlight is vanishing?  How will we “fix” this by altering forces that have been in their own balance for millions of years?

In June 2008, hundreds of fires suddenly blazed in California.  They were caused by “lightning” — 8000 lightning strikes in a single weekend.  This is no doubt accepted as another result of “global warming,” but eight thousand?  The spraying has made our air into a plasma (an electrically charged, conductive environment), which means that as soon as the “torch” is lit, the plasma is able to respond.

 History Channel’s “That’s Impossible: Weather Warfare” July 2009

Known for their limited-hangout forays into “what’s really happening,” The History Channel recently threw us a bone.  Part of their That’s Impossible! series, “Weather Warfare” aired in late July 2009 — a show admitting the use of weather as a weapon and even the possibility of “chemtrails” being something other than contrails.  Yup!  They told us all about HAARP, too — that it’s “the largest broadcasting station in the world,” bending the ionosphere with its 3.6 million watts and yanking at the jet stream.  They even got close to suggesting Katrina was an engineered storm (blaming it on the Russians).

While the program treats its subject like a Twilight-Zone-conspiracy matter (with exciting music to go along), the mainstream viewer ends up suspecting at least SOME of what was just dangled before him is true.  Why did they even go this far?  Why deny the spraying of aerosols for ten years and then air a program like this?  The answer could be that they are setting the stage for a public debate on the pros and cons of weather modification … should we or shouldn’t we?  Some will say yes, we have global warming, the government HAS to do something to counter it!  Others will say, no — that’s a hoax, don’t mess with Mother Nature.

And around and around it will go, while the more sinister effects of chemtrails and HAARP (geo-engineering and the biological transformation of all life, as well as behavior and mind-control) will be kept out of the discussion.  In other words, the issue will come to rest at weather modification.  When others try to point out that these highly advanced technologies are also being deployed for “people modification,” they will be called tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorists.

The History Channel show (see above) told us that HAARP pulses (called ELFs) can be reflected from the ionosphere to cause earthquakes.  The signs below warn of tsunamis on the Southern California coast.  The San Andreas fault line runs under the Pacific Ocean in the region where these signs are posted.  Will HAARP affect the fault line and create a rogue wave or tsunami?   Will the result be the intended goal, or simply a byproduct of an experiment with a different intention?

In the photos below, notice the very pale sky.  Years ago, the Southern California sky was as rich as the blue in the pictured signs.  See how the sky whitens at the horizon.  You are looking at a concentration of descending metallic particles reflecting the sun.


Mainstream media are reporting a phenomenon called “global dimming.”  NASA has admitted a major loss of sunlight on the earth in the last couple of decades — as much as 20%.  Here’s the current logic peddled by authorities: An increase in passenger airline traffic is causing “persistent” contrails that create clouds, and these man-made clouds are causing global dimming.  We don’t exactly know why, but we should be glad of this, as global dimming is one solution to global warming.  Keeping sunlight off the earth will help to cool it.

However, as even a fool knows, loss of sunlight means plants cannot make food (remember photosynthesis?), and plants feed the entire food chain.  In addition, sunlight is a natural disinfectant, or mold and fungus killer.  So as the aerosols that are sprayed fan out and block the sun, a planet with less light will be a planet where molds and fungus will grow …  And read this NASA/Langley press release on the prevalence of “air-traffic induced cirrus.”
Is this Air Force letter an admission of spraying?

One concerned citizen wrote to her Senator (Michael D. Crapo, R-ID) about the planes that appeared to be spraying Idaho skies.  The Department of the Air Force sent a letter back to Sen. Crapo, who in turn sent a copy to her:  “Dear Senator Crapo, This is in response to your letter of July 6, 1999, concerning military spraying operations (“chemtrails”).  The Air Force is very sensitive to the impact our flying operations may have on citizens and the environment.

The Air Force does not conduct military spraying operations over populated areas.  It is possible that your constituent witnessed normal contrails, which are the normal consequences of aircraft engine exhaust condensing water vapor into a visible cloud.  Although this gives the appearance of a substance being sprayed from the rear of aircraft, it is not.  The emissions from jet engines are basically the same as from car or diesel engines.  Contrails are safe, contrary to misinformation on the Internet or other sources.  Because contrails are condensed water vapor, they pose no environmental hazard or risk to human health.”

Read the letter here or click on the image to left.  Note the emphasis the Air Force makes on being “sensitive” to citizens and the environment.  Um, where on earth is there NO environment?  Also, in the second paragraph they say they do not spray over populated areas.  However, they are not saying they are NOT SPRAYING.

Nikola Tesla

All of this seemingly Star Trek-like technology originated from a Serbian immigrant named Nikola Tesla who came to the United States just before the turn of the century. This man, without question, proved to be the greatest scientific genius of this century. Tesla worked with both Westinghouse and Edison during the infancy of electricity and it was actually Tesla who developed alternating current.

Tesla also experimented with electromagnetic flux and studied the earth’s gravitational field. During his research he discovered that the ionization of the atmosphere would alter when it was charged by radio wave transmissions in the low frequency range of 10 to 80 hertz. Tesla also discovered that he could cause both positive and negative ionization of the atmosphere by manipulating the radio frequency. Further studies indicated that with positive ionization, people and animals became tired and lethargic and with negative ionization the effect was one of feeling active and energetic.

Another interesting aspect of this technology is the effect which harmonious radio frequencies make when they impact air molecules. The molecules become excited and give off negatively charged electrons which readily combine with hydrogen and oxygen to produce water molecules. But even more profound is the fact that this type of radio wave also carries positively charged ions through the ionosphere into the magnetosphere. The positively charged ions then become trapped in the Van Allen belts, traveling between the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis, right where we coincidentally have holes in the ozone layers.

Freon, the ozone killer, by its nature dissipates quickly. This inherent quality is a contradiction to the concept that a concentration of freon is creating holes in the ozone layers at the North and South Poles. However, when radio waves hit already unstable freon precipitates, they are so reactive that they can not move on and dissipate into the magnetosphere.

As far-fetched as this subject may seem, leaders in the elite global establishment have intimated the existence of this technology and its capabilities. In 1970 Zbigniew Brzezinski published a book titled Between Two Ages. Brzezinski is one of the founding directors of the Trilateral Commission. In this book he said,

“Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised… Technology of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.”

Further confirmation of the Western power elite’s interest in weather modification was revealed in an article which appeared in the September 12, 1989 edition of the Washington Post. This article reported on the 1989 Tokyo conference on global environment. The president of the World Bank, Barber Conable, who is also a Trilateral Commission member, gave a speech in which he outlined the long-range goals of the one world elite. In this speech he said,

“while higher temperatures may cause ‘a number of natural disasters,’ they might also warm cold and unproductive lands in the north into productivity.”

There is very good evidence that the one world group and the Soviets have been jointly involved in weather modification over the Northern Hemisphere since the early 1970s. In 1971 it was alleged that the U.S. and the Soviets started cooperating in secret weather modification projects. One such project was named POLEX, Polar Experiment of the Global Atmospheric Research Program, and another in 1973 was called AIDJEX, the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment. It is purported that these experiments involved attempts to melt the polar ice cap. Other U.S. projects such as Nile Blue and Climate Dynamics involved the changing of the arctic ice pack. There was even an article in the December 16, 1980, edition of the New York Times discussing a joint U.S.-Soviet project involving the transmission of ELF waves from Antarctica designed “to interfere with the earth’s magnetic field.”

Soviet Woodpecker System

The Soviet weather modification project is referred to as the Woodpecker system. It involves the transmissions of extreme low frequency (ELF) waves at about 10 hertz using Tesla transmitters in Angarsk and Khabarovsk in Siberia, Gomel, Sakhalin Island, Nikolayev in the Ukraine, Riga in Latvia and also a site 60 miles south of Havana in Cuba. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this system, the facility near Havana, Cuba, is said to be maintained and operated by a staff of 2,500 Soviet personnel.

These transmitters generate electromagnetic transmissions that produce an ELF scalar grid over the United States. This is done by transmitting these low frequency scalar waves in pairs so that they converge at a predetermined point on the earth’s surface and cause a disruption of the atmosphere. This technology can be used to alter the course of the jet stream and set up long-term weather blocks.

Long-term Weather Blocking

The long-lasting California drought in the 80s was caused by a massive ridge of high pressure 800 miles off the California coast which hovered for extended periods of time, blocking the usual flow of moist air coming in from the Pacific and pushing storms around to the north. Meteorologists who have analyzed this phenomena consider it to be one of the most unusual national patterns ever recorded, unique in the annals of weather recording. Such long-lasting centers of high pressure were unheard of until 1977. Evidence suggests that this was possibly caused by Woodpecker generated giant standing ELF waves which are transmitted by the Soviets intentionally to block the flow of normal weather patterns.

This phenomenon of long-lasting centers of high pressure is not limited to producing drought. In 1993 the Midwest region experienced severe flooding which was a result of the wettest period in this particular area since rainfall record keeping began in 1876. This flood was a result again of what meteorologists called a blocking pattern. The normal weather systems usually move from west to east across the U.S., but during the ’93 flood the weather systems stalled for six weeks over the upper Midwest.

A high pressure system over the eastern part of the United States was causing warm, moist air to move up from the Gulf of Mexico and dump moisture in the Midwest, where it met the jet stream. This weather pattern involved an unusual shift in the jet stream, which during the summer is usually weak and typically found much farther north in Canada. This stationary high pressure front also blocked the path of cold Canadian air, resulting in record low temperatures in the Northwest.

According to the September 1993 issue of Storm, The World Weather Magazine:

“It is extremely unusual for weather patterns to persist for so many weeks, bringing heavy rainfall to the same area almost on a daily basis… The reasons for the weather patterns to become fixed, as they did in June and July, 1993, are unclear.”


A system somewhat similar to the Soviet Woodpecker has been set up in the United States called the Ground Wave Emergency Network, or GWEN. This network was built under the guise, or possible dual use, of an emergency communication system that would not be interrupted by electromagnetic pulse during a nuclear war.

GWEN units are capable of altering the magnetic field within a 200- to 250-mile radius. The individual units themselves are made up of 300-foot tall towers which transmit radio waves through hundreds of bare copper wires which are each 300 feet in length. These wires are buried in the ground in a spoke pattern radiating out from the base of the tower.

The wires interact with the earth like a thin-shelled conductor, radiating the radio wave energy for very long distances through the ground.

These units are located in:

  • Texas
  • Nevada
  • Maine
  • North Carolina
  • Maryland
  • Georgia
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • California
  • Iowa
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Mississippi
  • New York
  • Alabama
  • Virginia
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • Arkansas
  • Massachusetts
  • Oklahoma
  • Colorado
  • Montana

The health effects of these technologies is a major concern that goes ignored by Congress.

Weather Manipulation for Profit

Written section coming soon… (covered in below video)


Sources:; Weather Modification by Philip Hoag;

Chronological History of Weather Manipulation


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Secret Society Insider, Dr. Richard Day, National Medical Director of Planned Parenthood, Reveals the Global Elite’s Evil Plan for Humanity

There was a meeting of pediatricians and students which took place at the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society and one of the speakers was Dr. Richard Day, an eminent professor and physician as well as well as Director of Planned Parenthood. He asked that no notes or recordings be made of the meeting due to possible danger and/or consequences. He then revealed not just what is planned for the entire world's people but also how this evil cabal intend to carry out this plan. For, those who understand such things will recognize that Day's remarks are merely reiteration of the secret agenda ...
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The U.S. Military Conducts Germ Warfare Experiments on Unsuspecting Citizens of San Francisco

For 25 years, the government’s involvement in biological warfare testing -- and its use of civilians as unwitting guinea pigs -- remained top-secret. It’s a secret that likely would've gone on indefinitely if not for the efforts of a savvy Newsweek reporter named Drew Fetherston. In November 1976, Fetherston exposed a number of biological tests performed in major cities by the Army and the CIA. Using his research, the San Francisco Chronicle uncovered the bacteria spraying that had occurred in its streets in 1950. Thanks to a 'Top Secret' document called “Special Report No. 142: Biological Warfare Trials at ...
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