Wedding while pregnant

Markee Aime was preparing for her wedding and her coworker was forced to do most of the work alone. She was also pregnant and wanted to be everything ready before the two big dates

The rest of the coworkers prepared a batchelorette and baby shower party while seven months pregnant.

Motherhood after her first baby

Makiah Waite’s second son, Miles, was born six months early, and weighed only two pounds and six ounces when he was born in October 2013. After much hesitation, Olsen returned to the stage five weeks later, playing a gig in Spain.

The happy couple went to Athens, Greece, where they spent the summer along with their baby boy.

The island in the south of the Aegean Sea, with the port of Chalki, is where Greek Navy submariners trained prior to being sent to other parts of the world during the two world wars.

The wives of those men were given a wedding present of two priceless porcelain table lamps, and their combined lights illuminated the scene at the wedding and the gift, covering the groom and his parents, as well as the bride, once the ceremonial proceedings were over.

Diakoisia Louvadis, a seamstress who made the wedding dress, was especially overcome, and said it was the first time in decades that she had ever seen the younger generation of the island participate in a wedding celebration.

Johanna Sergi, a witness, said she gave the couple all the wedding gifts.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who is also known for his passion for swimwear, left a wedding gift of baby shoes to a bride from mainland Greece in his home town of Chalki on Monday.

The wedding of Ioanna Osini, the 29-year-old daughter